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  • Beeper Mini users find Macs banned from iMessage network

    bobolicious said:

     ... could Apple just support the app and concept in the interest of its paying customers ...?
    Most people using Beeper Mini are Android users so therefore not paying customers. Those who do own a Mac are in breach of the EULA for their Apple IDs being used in ways to “hack” the iMessage network.  With that Apple has absolutely no obligation to support the app, the concept or those who use their Apple IDs in breach of their EULA. Their Macs are still fully functional, their Apple IDs still allow them to do everything except access iMessage. 

    This is exactly the same as Nintendo not supporting homebrew, or banning people/consoles from using their services. The console is still functional to play physical games, but they can’t buy/download a digital game or play their friends online, because they breached their EULA.  
  • If you want blue iMessage bubbles that much, buy an iPhone

    As an iPhone user since the beginning, this blue bubble envy is laughable to me. Every android user I know, doesn’t even bother texting me through MMS/SMS because of the poor image and video quality. They all make it a point to exclusively message me through FaceBook messenger. Even when I have mentioned if I don’t respond right away, to send a regular text to get my attention. This is because the notification sound for FB Messenger is fairly low IMO, but regardless, I never get a traditional text from them, only Messenger. Even my family in Europe with iPhones don’t send texts, and use WhatsApp instead.
  • Apple TV hardware will never be more than a hobby, unless Apple changes direction

    Yes, there is a local electronics shop selling a  device that will allow streaming various international tvs for free. Does AppleTV do this? 
    yea, a magic device that streams international content from a local electronics shop is probably not the most legal thing in the world.  To answer your question, Yes, I can stream not just Live American channels but a large selection of international channels as well.  There are plenty of IPTV Services and Apps. I use Perfect IPTV app because it a better interface then most of the others, and that allows me to add the credentials from whatever IPTV service I choose.  
  • Apple TV hardware will never be more than a hobby, unless Apple changes direction

    danox said:
    Apple Music and Apple TV are lame, hopefully the next CEO will cut back and focus on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch computer software and hardware which is where Apple makes the big bucks leave content to the outside creatives, all the online Apple stores need UI overhauls for readability, search and just general browsing. 
    100 Million tracks compared to Spotify's 80 Million and a bunch of original Content on Apple TV+ with numerous awards is lame?  The Apple TV hardware is second to none and the only hardware that comes close is the Shield Pro and even that doesn't come close. So ... Yea ... 
  • Level responds to lock picking claim, says Level Lock+ exceeds standards

    No one is buying a Level Lock because of the security aspect of the key tumbler.  People are spending $200-$300 for the convenience of having a smart lock that isn't god awful ugly.  The key tumbler itself is a standard Schlage key tumbler, so if you walk down the aisle in any big box store and pick up a Schlage, the chances of you getting the same style tumbler is 100%.  The BHMA AAA rating for Strength, durability, and finish doesn't specify Pick resistance.

    The main functions of this SMART LOCK is to be smart, they did not develop the key tumbler, so unless they invest in the R&D to develop their own key type and security the tumbler will always be its flaw.  With that being said, everyone goes and says Kwikset doesn't have this issue, huh, yes they do, in fact LPL has picked plenty of the Kwikset "SmartKey" locks, so if you put a professional lock picker up against ANY lock with the right tools, they can pick anything.