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  • Roku update that broke AirPlay & HomeKit has yet to be fixed weeks later

    microbe said:
    I have three Apple TVs sitting in a drawer because the system is basically obnoxious. Their constant screaming to reenter PWs. to change streams and the hassles to change users (and associated PWs ) before you can access programming from different accounts will have you looking up pws most of the evening instead of viewing. And enetering them on those remotes is enough to make suicide legal! The screen is cluttered as much as any other box but in a different way. Not as cluttered  as my two Fire TV Cubes but more than the Roku in my theater. And the remotes!! Apple=horrible, Fire pretty nice and Roku solid and easy to use. Backlighting would help on all three. Regarding data collection, much of it is program viewing which I would urge them to collect for the simple reason they will sell it to the ratings companies, and programs I like get reported as having eyes on, hopefully prolonging their existence. Which leads us to pricing…. Why not save money for equal performance? Not to mention Apples habit of knocking  products, particularly these, into the twilight zone with updates for which there is no recourse, as has happened to two in the past. Which has led to me throwing the perfectly good remaining HD and two 4K Apple TVs into a drawere marked “get rid of”.
    I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact you think the Apple UI is more cluttered then the others. 

    The first point I will make, there’s no ads anywhere in the UI. If you feel like the Home Screen is getting cluttered, make folders and organize the content. 

    Second, you only need to input a password on the initial use/install of an app. Unless the app logs you out that is, but that’s up to that provider. For example, Netflix, does this once every 6 months or so. If you’re talking about downloading apps, go to the settings and tell it to never require a password to download an app.  Entering any information is simple enough, if you have your phone nearby, it’ll alert you that you can type from that, ** PS THIS WORKS FOR PASSWORDS TOO. ** If you happen to use a password manager like Keychain or Lastpass, you don’t even have to type, it’ll auto fill with the tap of the button. 

    Three, the new remote blows the older one out of the water, but to be honest I actually really like the older one as well. I never had an issue using it, and the battery was amazing. 

    With all of that being said, if you hate them that much, I will gladly take them off your hands. 
  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    Having worked in retail 12 years ago, I can tell you it's always been a royal shit show of disrespectful, self-important, self-absorbed assholes who come in on an HOURLY basis sometimes, and working retail requires a VERY thick skin, of which MANY people these days just don't have for various reasons, and the pandemic just amplified this 1000x over, as people are routinely losing their shit every day more and more.
    I left retail 15 years ago, mainly because of the disrespectful people. Nowadays I work in the service industry, every once in a blue moon, I’ll get a nasty customer, and when that happens I just walk out, I don’t have the time or patience for that behavior anymore. 
  • Apple continues to make it clear that it will collect its share of iOS app purchases

    Oh good. Now Apple is going to track everything you do on your iPhone and use it to bill developers. Meanwhile they are cutting back on iPhone 13 production due to lack of demand. Apple makes a lot more money from the sales of iPhones than they do from their app commissions. Developers and users can and do routinely work around Apple's existing restrictions using their web browsers. Perhaps Apple should drop the commissions entirely and focus on selling hardware?
    So with that, You mean Apple should shut down their app store eco system, and pull all development tools.  Apple has every right to collect fees for their role in ecosystem. The supply the tools needed to develop, resources to aid the developers, and then host the apps, so the developers don’t have to. That takes time and resources, and they would be compensated for it. 

    Apple isn’t tracking anything you do on your phone, it blatantly says they would have to figure out how to identify when a transaction starts in app, and is completed externally. Regardless of how that happens, it’s been Apple and the Developer. Essentially it’s like a pre-paid and post-paid system. 
    They can pay through Apple’s in app purchase system, pre-paid, or extenallly (post-paid) and then back bill the developer. 

    As for the reduction in production, it’s because like everyone else, their suppliers are having a hard time supplying the chips for production. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, considering the current state of the world. 
  • Apple ordered to pay $1.9 million to Chinese publisher over copyright case

    leighr said:
    China…. Copyright laws…. LOL. 
    I thought the exact same thing … 😂
  • New App Store rule streamlines app account deletion

    Besides Account Deletion, all features of a website should be available to a user through a respective app. 

    I have many times found that I can only access certain settings by going to a company’s website from a computer. What if I didn’t have a laptop/desktop, and only had a smart phone.  I even found that some sites even restrict devices to only a mobile view even if you request a desktop version, the mobile view would also also be restricted from the same features as the app.

    I guess what I’m saying is that making it mandatory to allow for a simple path for account deletion is a step in the right direction, but true be told, companies need to understand that today’s world is mobile, and they need to give full access to all features without prejudice of app, web, or device.