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  • Elon Musk temporarily halts Twitter deal over user metrics

    Or buy it and fix the issue? 
  • Netflix to launch ad-supported tier when it cracks down on password sharing

    rob53 said:
    Good. Final reason to dump it. 
    I don’t have Netflix but like the ad supported Hulu.  It gives time to get up and go to fridge or even learn something about a product or service.  We’ve had ads since the early days of TV,  no big deal.
  • Netflix to launch ad-supported tier when it cracks down on password sharing

    Beats said:
    There’s a huge window for Apple to take share but I have a feeling they won’t take advantage of it. 
    But it is really consumers who decide, regardless of what Apple does.
  • Apple's Director of Machine Learning exits over return-to-office policy

    mac_dog said:
    What a great time for apple to turn this into a win for itself, it’s employees and the general workforce. Apple should say, “hey, losing all these good employees bcoz we can’t budge on our RTW Policy isn’t worth it, so maybe we can compromise…”

    seems to me perhaps apple (and business in general) doesn’t trust their employees integrity much. Maybe it’s time to let go of that extremely outdated work ethic. I think we’re seeing the American workforce has had a taste of what a real “work/life balance,” actually looks like and they really like it. Good for company moral and good for employee production and ultimately good for the company. 
    “Work/life balance” ?   LOL -  staying at home and not going into the office for the last 2 years is hardly a balance.  More like an imbalance.  There seems to be this work at all crazy hours of the day, now more than ever.  I frequently get up and check company email only to find people sending emails after 8pm and even way later at night.  I find it pretty pathetic to think people are working 12 hour days as being the norm today.  Absolutely pathetic, more to life than staring at work.

    in addition, have seen a number of people who used to work in office are now more out of shape and put on weight. 
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  • Facebook freezes hiring, blames iOS changes for reduced revenue growth

    Would love to see real competition that is better than Facebook on many levels.