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  • A foldable iPhone isn't the future, but a folding iPad or MacBook might be

    Does anybody really want to be bothered with all of the effort over time of opening and closing folding phone?   I don’t think I do.  Then,  there is the weight factor that would likely come with such device.
  • Apple's iPhone 13 selling better than past lineups -- with one exception

    cndgoose said:
    I took a deep look at the phones recently when buying for family members 

    I eliminated the mini because of battery capacity. My reasoning was an iphone 13 with 80% battery health will probably outlast (in terms of usage minutes and charge cycles) an iPhone 13 mini with an 80% battery health 

    We keep our phones for several years 
    Completely understand the battery concern…. I thought about that too but it’s been a non issue, at least for me.  
  • Apple's iPhone 13 selling better than past lineups -- with one exception

    So, the news continues about how awful sales were for the mini…. That makes it seems so exclusive to have one LOL.   I really enjoy mine and don’t care.   When I got rid of my 8 plus, I looked at the current iPhone pro max and how big and heavy they are.  They are even bigger and heavier than the 8 plus.  If you want to walk around with a “brick” go ahead.  Phones just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier,  at what point does it stop?   Then,  add the weight of case onto it..  could the name “mini” been a bad choice or matter that much?  What if they called it iPhone Stealth for example or something much cooler than “mini”,  would that have helped sales?  The screen on the mini is plenty big enough,  perhaps the 5.8 sized screen was the best size yet, which they did on the iPhone X.   But the
    mini remains a great phone that nobody wants. I wonder what Jobs would think of the ever increasing phone sizes that are the norm today.
  • Apple Car rumored to run new custom OS to control all aspects of driving

    crowley said:
    Definitely won't be an early adopter on this.  Apple make pretty good consumer operating systems, but not nearly good enough that I'd trust them with my life driving down a high speed roadway.
    Ironically,  just heard radio news about some Tesla driver doing 83mph on freeway and the car locked up or shut down because of computer glitch.  He was able to eventually stop with brakes but had car towed to be looked at.    Having too much computer “control” can be a bad thing.  Cars just keep getting more and more reliant on computers.  There has to be a balance,  I guess I will take heat for these comments but that’s how I feel. 
  • First betas of iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, macOS 12.4 available for public testers

    I think the battery life has improved on my 13 mini since the 15.4.1 update.  Wondering if others are seeing any difference.