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  • MacBook Air with M2 processor review: The sweet spot for Mac portables in 2022

    KBuffett said:
    These new M chip laptops (Air and Pro) feel thicker and heavier when carrying. The Air certainly doesn’t feel as light and slim as previous generations
    Yeah.  They may be great from performance and battery standpoint but the look and feel is a letdown.  The iconic wedge design will be missed.   I cherish my 2018 air now.  The current air and pro seem to look the same,  should there be two models now?
  • Elon Musk temporarily halts Twitter deal over user metrics

    Or buy it and fix the issue? 
  • Apple, Netflix bail out of bidding war for Will Smith biopic amid controversy

    Skeptical said:
    M68000 said:
    So,  I agree that it was not a good look for Will Smith what happened that night of the awards. But, at the same time we’re talking about a guys wife and she is dealing with some medical issue is what I’ve heard.  Really don’t spend time following actors that much as my own time is more valuable, but that is the info on this I believe.  There is a line there and I understand that he reacted.  If given more time to think about it in a non public place, maybe that would have been different.   Will apologized for his part in what happened.  I’m not sure I agree with him stepping down or resigning.  It’s at the point today where men can no longer be men,  everything has to be an act or show in and of itself and be politically correct.  I think The apology is enough and people and big companies like Apple and Netflix need to accept that.  
    One word: BATTERY. He committed battery. I wonder if those close to you would agree with your “men can no longer be men” dribble. By far the dumbest statement ever. Please stay single your entire life. 
    Thank you so much for your insult.  Obviously you are much better than me. 

    Based on your logic, should Will Smith now get divorced and stay single the rest of his life?   He apologized and he stopped at
    the slap.  It was not even a punch.  It’s over.  I feel that the other guy Chris Rock is just as much to blame with his atrocious idea of what humor is.
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  • Apple rumored to be cutting iPhone SE orders following weak demand

    opinion said:
    I would have bought a SE to switch from my 13 mini (although I like the smaller size of the mini) if it had not been for that same computational photography madness that is now in the SE too. No idea to buy another iPhone which produces horrible pictures in the after processing. Such a disappointment of where Apple has taken photography.
    If photos are so important to you,  just pick up a dlsr or go mirrorless with a real camera ?
  • New Apple 'Mac Studio' may fit in between Mac mini and Mac Pro

    This could be exciting.  Whatever it is, hope it has plenty of usb-a and usb-c ports.  Also give us an SD card slot and I’m happy.  An analog headphone jack would be a bonus too.