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  • ReST Smart Bed review: An app-connected mattress for a good night's rest

    davgreg said:
    $3,000 for a mattress is obscene. I’ll keep my Avocado - it has a 25 year warranty and cost 1/3rd of that.
    I can’t imagine having the same mattress for 25 years LOL
  • Apple has been testing in-screen Touch ID, but it won't be in 'iPhone 13'

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Wow. How did the subject of Covid become part of this article???????
    Because Touch ID does not care if somebody has a mask on or not
  • Epic Games CEO slams Apple 'government spyware'

    Why are people so up in arms about this?  If you have nothing to hide why are you fighting Apple’s attempt to make the world safer from criminals and sick people?   This “ceo” made the amazingly stupid comment about “presumption of guilt”?   Well,  at least in the United States a person is innocent until proven guilty.   

    I’m frankly amazed by the feedback in this forum in the last few days,  people who trust and love Apple and now don’t want to help Apple try to make the world safer.  

    If you work for any large company I hope you know that any email, chat messages and files on company computers can be looked at and scanned by security and network admins.

    if you want total privacy,  get rid of cloud storage and maybe go back to using a typewriter LOL

    Apple does not want their products used for crime and is making an attempt to do something about it - what is so hard to understand?
  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    lkrupp said:
    fallenjt said:
    And AAPL after hour trading drops over 1%. What kind of WS bullshit is that?
    As always, Wall Street doesn’t care about what you did today, it’s about what it thinks you will do in the future. And the Covid-19 delta variant has thrown a monkey wrench into the financial crystal ball, all because 50% of the population are dumb, ignorant morons. There’s also a study out that reveals 1-in-5 believe the vaccines contain microchips. That means 20% of the population are certified idiots.
    Hey hotshot,  you do know that these “vaccines” are experimental and rushed out to the public with no data on long term side effects.   Do you think 50% of the population are morons because they are concerned about such things?  They dare to question about rushing to use such things instead of not even thinking about it?  That makes them morons??  2 of these so called vaccines are not even real vaccines.  There are a number of doctors who have gone public about their concerns and what they have seen going on.  I guess they are morons too?   Sadly,  there is however data on bad reactions and lingering problems after getting these vaccines.

  • 'iPhone 13' will have bigger batteries than the iPhone 12 family, leaker claims

    JinTech said:
    seankill said:
    urungus said:
    IPhone13 might consume more power, for rumored 120Hz display, always on display, or some other new feature
    So larger battery may not mean longer running time.
    I’d turn the always on display off. Stupid feature IMO but I understand people will have different thoughts.  
    Agreed, not sure what actual purpose it serves.
    Agreed,  seems like a useless waste of battery