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  • iPhone XR demand reportedly forcing Apple to cut production expansion plans

    lewchenko said:
    There could still be truth to it. 

    $750 is still expensive. Flagship prices only 2 years ago for the mid range phone option if you consider the XS and XS Max the flagships now. 

    Broadly speaking , Apple might be finding that less people than expected are willing to shell out top money when cheaper options are available (iPhone 8)

    The XR’s biggest problem is its size. I know people who have said they no longer have an upgrade path from either a 6/6S/7 etc as they don’t want a bigger phone and the XS is too expensive. The 8 is the only option for them and it’s not much of an upgrade. My wife is one of them. She would (and is) buying nothing instead which is a lost sale for Apple as she really wanted to upgrade. 
    Agree with most of what you say but to say that the 8 is not much of an upgrade I have to disagree.   The 8 has the same A11 chip used in the X phone which is faster than nearly everything on the market except the newest iPhones.   It has wireless charging which I love.   It has much better speakers than previous 6/6s/7 phones.   It also is smaller and lighter than the new "flagship" XS and XR phones.
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  • One month later: iPhone XS versus the iPhone XS Max

    Choice - it's a good thing.   Let's hope that Apple continues to offer choice in sizes.  I don't want to walk around with something as big and heavy as the Max but that doesn't mean that others should not.   What would really be cool is a new phone size bigger than the SE but slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 with the new "liquid" retina LCD screen making the most out of the size.   I think a phone like that would sell like hotcakes.   The size of the iPhone 8 is about as big as I want to go, portability and one handed use is important to me.