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  • Read the fine print of Apple Card's customer agreement

    Is there any information available on secondary benefits, e.g. coverage for damage to the vehicle when renting a car?

    Seems like a list of those sorts of add-ons should be available by now, unless they are none, which I guess is possible given the lack of an annual fee.
  • Apple Card: no multi-user support, no penalty rates, foreign transactions, more

    Maybe this is a dumb question but how can it be secure if it has a mag stripe? That means it can be cloned like any other card and the number encoded on the stripe stolen?

    I suppose that number might be disposable in the sense they would issue you a new card without closing your account and opening a new one but I would prefer a card with no stripe. Swiping is becoming rare and I could always use a different card. 
  • Everything new in tvOS 12: Over 20 new features for Apple TV

    The most frustrating thing for me is the way most apps implement parental controls. 1st party apps like TV restrict individual shows by age rating. But most 3rd party apps either ignore parental controls (Netflix) or require a password to launch the app every time. What I want, of course, is consistency. For an app like Amazon video the kids should be able to launch the app but not access shows above a certain level. Is this an issue of lazy app developers or does Apple not make the correct APIs available?
  • How to use an unsupported NAS or a spare Mac on your network as storage for Time Machine b...

    Mike Wuerthele said: There are two levels of Time Machine support. One is explicit support, with an HFS+ formatted drive. The other is with SMB 4.8 support.

    Older NAS devices with SMB, as well as old PCs, can be shoehorned into supporting it. We'll be talking about how to do that later.
    Well that's interesting but I wonder if that's the full story? e.g. my NAS is * a 2018 model with the latest software * definitely not using HFS+ for the underlying filesystems—it is ext4—though it could be creating some kind of virtual file system with HFS+ similar to how Time Capsule does it with a dmg I guess * It mentions in the documentation that enabling Time Machine support automatically switches on AFP support. I have SMB turned on as well, but it gives the appearance that it is using AFP.
  • How to use an unsupported NAS or a spare Mac on your network as storage for Time Machine b...

    I wonder what the NAS that do support Time Machine are actually doing? Is it just offering support for AFP and Bonjour service discovery or more than that? My NAS (from a major vendor who I'll not mention here as this is not an advertisement) shows up just fine after I enable the Time Machine support in its preferences. But I have had the dreaded "Time Machine needs to rebuild your backups" once since I switched to it.