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  • Apple's moves point to a future with no bootable backups, says developer

    I rely heavily on SuperDuper! for my backups. I have not needed to boot from such a backup many times due to an emergency, but I have used such a method like AniMill did for doing a clean, fresh installation of the Mac OS, and then subsequently migrating/copying needed files, folders, apps, settings, etc. from that backup. Sure has been fool proof for me.

    Apple has been making life more and more difficult as each year goes by. This "event" is, and will be, an abortion.
  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    Dam! I am just about ready to purchase an M1 Mac Min i (just waiting for V3.5 of SuperDuper! to be released, and now this! However, the price I can most likely get for my late 2018 Mac Mini seems to be good now, so maybe I just get the M1 Mini and be happy. Any thoughts?
  • Apple moved from 11.4 Beta to 11.5 beta so quick - Anyway for my machine to get back on 11.4?

    OS 11.4 was released earlier today. See my reply to the OS 11.4 thread.
  • Apple was founded 46 years ago, on April 1, 1976

    Definitely brings back fond, fond memories! I distinctly remember the first time I got my Apple IIE n the early 1980s. What a pleasure to use. Then, getting those infamous expansion cards, and the Apple DouDisk (ie, had two slots for 5 1/4" disks). In 1984, the place I was working at (a bank) received a shipment of the original Macintosh machine. I got to play with it while at work, and at that time, at least to me, it was OK. But I could not wait to get home and use my IIE. IN 1987 or thereabouts, I upgraded to an Apple IIGS, and that venerable machine lasted me a long, long time, until 1996, when I moved to my first Mac. Been on Macs ever since.
  • Chrome is still a memory hog on macOS compared to Safari

    I have not used Google Chrome in quite a while, but I do use Brave just about exclusively. I do only run one application at a time, and for the most part, have no memory issues with it. The times I have memory issues are when I visit the site yahoo.com. Besides viewing some stories on that site (some contain videos that I also look at), when I leave it, most of the memory it consumed is not "given back". I'm willing to bet that issue is prevalent with all browsers.

    I do at times run the freeware application Memory Clean while browsing with Brave, and it definitely helps with memory management.