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  • Flaws in Apple & Asurion websites expose PINs of millions of iPhone users

    netmage said:
    That's why it says "exposed" and not "stolen". Exposed means made visible, not that anyone looked.
    That does not excuse sloppy reporting it merely exposes it.
  • Russia demands Apple pull Telegram for iPhone from App Store

    farmboy said:
    Except that Trump does not have a team of people with elevated levels of mortality comparing to the rest of the population. Putin does...and so does a very famous candidate that lost the US presidency. Trump also does not kill his opponents, unlike Putin.
    Just remind me to stay off my balcony, don't touch doorknobs, don't drink any tea a stranger offers, and watch out for people with umbrellas.
    Stay well clear of Mary Poppins then.
  • Eight Siri features we want to see in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 at WWDC ...

    I'd mostly prefer Siri being scrapped. It is a waste of time effort and a Mac users intelligence. It's plugged in to crappy old code like DevCALDev which can't handle multiple timed events in a single 24hr period. Siri's problems are very similar to those which the ill-fated Newton suffered from. Asking Siri to do anything beyond the most obviously mundane is like using a first generation Mac from way back when...
    Ok well, that certainly isn't going to happen. Siri is too crucial. It is a big feature on literally all of Apple's main products. It is the ONLY way to interface with the HomePod. Siri isn't going anywhere.
    Siri, sir, is not a big feature. Big features feature bigly. Siri's comprehension is not dissimilar to a drunk who is high on LSD. Siri is the computing equivalent of a person hard of hearing and suffering irreversible dementia. Apple needs to start afresh. Rip all Siri code completely from their products and start over. There has to be startup companies or private individuals who have prototype voice recognition code which is way beyond Siri's current capabilities. I remember when early Mac's had poor voice recognition and dictation prefs which performed almost as well as Siri does today and in some instances was better.