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  • Latest Facebook-related security breach finds millions of records exposed on Amazon server...

    I hope Vestager comes for them.
  • Half of new Apple's US hires in 2018 lacked 4-year college degrees, Cook says

    I was given an aptitude test when going through a hiring process for a Software Engineer around 1998. It came out that I was totally unsuited to be a programmer. By then I'd been writing software for more than 25 years and recently retired after 45 years in the game.
    I didn't get the job so I started my own business writing software and when that company wanted to license the product I said 'Yeah but to you, the price is double'. They still bought but the purchasing manager responded with a wry smile when I told him why.

    Getting a Degree (I now have one. Graduated in 2008) is just putting a label on people. For many that is a good thing but for others, the last thing they want is to be labelled a failure because they don't want to follow the corporate treadmill. I never hired people solely on their paper qualifications. It was how their mind worked that was more important to me. Could the think outside the box? Come up with creating solutions to problems? etc etc.
    If they could, then they were hired.
    When I sold my company my staff were a real buch of misfits or that's how they seemed to outsiders. But they were a great team who worked really well together and all got a good share of the sale proceeds. Several stayed working together and do even today and are their own bosses.
    Hire the people who can do the job the best even if they have no degree. Labels don't mean much. It is what is underneath that matters.

    Why did you still get a degree if I may ask? You obviously didn't need it anymore.
  • FTC opens task force to keep tabs on competition in US tech market

    avon b7 said:
    The chain in question for the above case was Cinesa (part of AMC Theaters - a US chain).

    It all boils down to competition rules and consumer protection legislation in the place of operation (Spain/EU in this case).

    As the article and FTC point out, we will need to evaluate the power of certain companies in certain realms to see if they are stifling competition in some way and legislate accordingly.I
    It's not allowed in Germany because of something we call "house right" or "domestic authorithy". The Theater has the right to forbid it and can't be prosecuted. Since I know they barely making money off the movies, I can understand their unwillingness to allow it.
  • No Chinese iPhone rebound seen in January following Apple's harsh December quarter

    What they always let out is that Apple's not the only one. Samsung is in a worse shape in China. I remenber them selling their phones just under the name galaxy a couple of years ago. China doesn't like South Korea, so even Samsung's name is a problem. You look at the Top 5 vendors and besides Apple, there is no other foreign company.

    I'm also pretty sure apple got there more because it's a Status Symbol than because people who can afford it enjoy it more than other brands (high end offerings). I say that because this whole part of the world just has different taste in Software (Design/ Colors/UI), just look at the most popular apps they use. Of course apples ecosystem also played a role but I'll stand by the status symbol argument.

  • Some iPhone apps handing precise location data to as many as 40 businesses

    That is why I never keep location service on - only when I need it (Waze, some verification with bank e.t.c.)

    I don't think it always help. I'm pretty sure some apps refresh in the background and use your IP address to determine your location. Combine that with internet tracking (cookies) and it becomes pretty hard to stay anonym as soon as you use Internet connected devices. VPN and incognito mode might help a Little.