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  • Apple predicted to call 2018 flagship iPhone model 'iPhone Xs Max'

    I originally hated iPhone XS and this just makes it worse for me. Sounds like they hired some energy drink marketers to name it and commercials will be narrated by a monster truck announcer. iPhone Pro is sounding miles better at this point. To me anyway. Guess we will have to wait and see.

    Sounds like the Android world in 2012: Motorola DROID RAZR HD MAX :)
  • Apple expected to get full EU approval for takeover of music discovery service Shazam

    nunzy said:
    Android can say Buh Bye to Shazam. Why would Apple allow their app to benefit Google?

    Apple should buy lots more app companiess and offer them as iOS-only exclusives.

    That's just silly. Apple Music is available on Android isn't it?

    Somehow surprised you didn't use the word "Profit" on this comment :)

  • Netflix tests removing App Store billing on iPhone & iPad

    payeco said:
    I hope they don’t remove this ability for existing subscribers. I bill everything I can through iTunes/the App Store since iTunes gift cards seem to be on sale for at least 15% off like every other week. It’s an easy way to get a discount on subscriptions/purchases. I’m still working off of $1k worth I bought Black Friday two years ago when Costco had them on sale that, when combined with a coupon code, came out to 30% off.

    1k worth of gift Cards?? That's a lot! I might spend 70-100$ max a year in the App Store. And that's when I go nuts. But if you have a lot of subscriptions, I guess that makes sense.

  • Lawsuit takes aim at Google for constant location history tracking

    matrix077 said:
    Where EU when you need them?

    Don't worry. Vestager always take her time, but it always hurt!
    muthuk_vanalingam[Deleted User]matrix077jbdragonwatto_cobra
  • Google apps continue to track users even if location services are disabled

    I really don't know how true that is or not but I've basically stopped using any google service that I can. Sadly a lot of web sites need some google ****** to be enabled in order for them to work.

    I don't think it's enough. In order you you to be Google free, all your friends, aamily, contacts have to be Google free. You'd also have to avoid every site using Google trackers or at least always use an Ad-blocker. That's pretty much impossible.

    They somehow always find the way to get to the data we generate and it's getting tiresome trying to avoid it.

    Some politicians in France are trying to push a law or at least working on it: as soon as a citizen turns 18, he/she/they gets 50.000€ from Google/Facebook.