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  • Facebook expects profits to be hit by iOS 14 ad tracking restrictions

    Poor poor Facebook...
  • Rumor: New iPad Air to adopt USB-C, iPad mini to retain Lightning

    I hope this is wrong. 

    Either move to USB C and go all in or don’t go at all. 

    Stop fragmenting things. 

    You are APPLE for crying out loud. Make a choice, make it great, and run with it. 
    Yes please. Now I have different cable for Watch, iPhone+Headphones and iPad. Would love to have just 2 again...
  • Rumor: New iPad Air to adopt USB-C, iPad mini to retain Lightning

    mattinoz said:
    MplsP said:
    We’ll see what happens, but what’s the point of keeping half of the line on one connector and half on another? If they’re going to switch to USB C, just switch and get it over with. 

    If half can't drive a second monitor then they should stay Lightning or transition to the rumoured smart connector. It's way of distinghishing function.
    That makes no sense. It just means you have to carry more chargers...
  • Review: Native Union Eclipse provides USB-A and USB-C charging with stylish cable storage

    I bought 2 of these things when they were on kickstarter.

    1) My items were delivered clearly damaged but they refused to give me any discount

    2) I live in Europe and they sent them with a wrong plug that doesn't work in my country - they changed the specification after I already paid - again, no discount

    3) the items itself:
    - they are way too bulky. In the pictures they get away with that but in real life they take way too much space on my night table
    - the cables don't retract, so your messy cables stay where you leave them
    - it's not easy to wind the cables back in - definitely not something you want to do every time you disconnect your device
    - the open close mechanism with touch operation - it rather gets in a way, don't care too much about the light
    - the top is nice - but the rest is just plastic - especially inside it doesn't scream quality or good manufacturing 
    - mine came with USB-C - maybe it's my MacBook Pro's fault but somehow causes it to slow down

    I end up using one of them, the other one sits in my cellar. Wouldn't buy again.