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  • Nine-core M4 iPad Pro benchmarks leak, still smokes M2

    tht said:

    The remaining are the Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro. It will be interesting if the monolithic M4 Ultra SoC is true. Mac Studios and Mac Pros with an M4 Ultra will be great machines, especially if they fixed GPU scaling.

    I am hoping that at WWDC Apple blows up the world again and makes a new “D1” chip for the Studio that flips the cores to run more production cores and less efficiency cores.  I would love to have a slightly less efficient desktop with the extra production cores would bring.  

    This would allow Apple over the years to be able to bump up the clock speed with the “D” version of the M-series to allow for a more robust desktop experience, that professionals ask for. 
  • Is Apple's App Store a monopoly or a solution?

    lam92103 said:
    No, I paid for the FULL iPhone, I want to use the FULL iPhone

    Who the heck is Apple to tell me what I can and cannot do with a device I have paid for? They should refund my money, then they can have their device back to do whatever with

    Sounds like you failed to do your research or are a Sweeney troll 🤷‍♂️

  • DoJ's Apple App Store probe is 'firing on all cylinders'

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:
    charlesn said:
    I will never understand this. Apple has built the company around a walled garden strategy--it is a major reason that people CHOOSE to buy into the Apple ecosystem. And if you don't like the idea of that, whether you're an app user or developer, that's fine--there's a whole wide world of computing and devices other than Apple for you to CHOOSE. It is, in fact, a much bigger world than Apple's. So where is there a monopoly here? Where is there lack of choice? No one buying into the Apple ecosystem wants to see it broken open by government luddites. This isn't opening up the market to choice, this is destroying the choice that exists in the market. 
    The 'monopoly' is on competition (or lack of it). 

    No third party app stores are allowed to exist.

    A walled garden might be fine if its ecosystem were encapsulated and all third party. 

    That isn't the case and the opposite is true. iPhone absolutely requires third party apps to make the product successful. 

    Once you touch the world outside your walled garden (third party app stores, payments, wifi, NFC...) things change. 

    For over a decade Apple has had its cake and eaten it. That's a good run. It's probably coming to an end. 

    The part where you say 'no one wants...' you miss the point. 

    For one, you can't possibly know. Secondly, it is irrelevant. This isn't about what consumers want (or don't want). 

    At the end of the day, whatever happens, you can opt not to use third app stores if they become reality. 

    LOLOL tell us you don't understand without using the words "I don't understand" 
    Remind me how many investigations Apple is dealing with right now on anti-competitive behavior?

    Investigations that are looking so gloomy for Apple that it is already preparing for the impact of their conclusions. 

    And it isn't only Apple that is on the hook. We can say that the tide is turning on certain business practices. 
    Sweeny is that you?  How is yourself imposed ban working out for your shareholders? 🤣😂

    Sorry you don’t understand the concept of an investigation is completely different to Apple is in the wrong. They are under investigation because people don’t like it, not because Apple is operating illegally.  

    Even in the EU, Apple operated legally.  They had to change the law to force Apple to change,  it an anticompetitive order.  

    Please learn something before making statements that clearly show you have done zero research into a matter you are wanting us to believe you know so much about.  

  • DoJ's Apple App Store probe is 'firing on all cylinders'

    mrstep said:
    Apple has grown too big and does not provide enough payola to Washington.
    'That's a nice tech company you have there Tim.. would be a shame if somethin' was to happen to it... '

    Tim just needs to bring Hunter on as a board member to make this all go away.

    I vote he brings on Ivanka.  She is way better to look at🤫🥳
  • American Express doesn't seem that interested in an Apple Card partnership

    caskey said:
    darkvader said:
    Good, because I see no value in having an American Express card.  They're not accepted most places any more, probably because their merchant fees are exorbitant.
    That's a load of BS...I put 99% of all my spending in the US on my primary AMEX card and have maybe been turned down by 1 or two merchants out of hundreds and hundreds and it's usually some chain that has a very exclusive VISA or MC partnership. AMEX is accepted virtually everywhere. You may not personally want to use one, but it's simply factually incorrect that they're "not accepted at most places anymore"
    Well you must be a very luck and special person because almost all the retailers I had worked at or shop at don’t accept them.  Glad you have your story and it works for you, but not so much for most of the people.