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  • New Mac mini reference spotted in Studio Display firmware

    An important note the author is missing is Apple has released hardware at WWDC most recently when it unveiled the Mac Mini developer’s edition for the AS migration.  It would not be out of line for Apple to carry that tradition forward to new releases if the new design warrants getting the devices into developer’s hands before the general public to have the software optimized for the new chipset.  

    A recent example of the positive of this approach would be the M1 Ultra which in real world testing is less impressive as the design or benchmarks as the CPU is waiting on software to catch up to the design. Sadly even Apple’s own software…
  • Apple facing new $5.5 billion App Store antitrust lawsuit in the Netherlands

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    I don’t understand these countries chastising and calling Apple a monopoly. If some other individual, entity or company can develop a better smart phone I would be more than interested in considering buying it but until then I want the best phone available which is an iPhone. Don’t penalize Apple or me for owning an iPhone.
    I truly look forward to Apple pulling either their App Store or their phones from a jurisdiction. I wonder how removing one major smartphone company from the marketplace eliminates the "monopoly" problem.
    The problem is if they do that, it likely would bate the belief that they were a monopoly even more.  Apple unfortunately is in a loose loose proposition.
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    Wow.  There is a lot of debate which is great.  The challenge is like most things, there is not a clear picture of who is right or wrong.  As a boss and as any employee let me point out some obviously missed thoughts as people quickly went to the socialist/capitalist debate.

    1. The is nothing wrong with Google’s code of conduct statement.  As a boss I get to dictate policy because I have that power, but a wise boss wants buy in with their team. Similarly I have an open door, where I want discussion and feedback on things.  That is how we change how we do things internally.  Having both hats, I take Google’s current code in that vain.  We want you to do good, be good with other, and when you see something “internally” speak up and let’s “try” to address it.

    2. Generally questioning a company’s position on something is great.  Like above most companies want a person that thinks, has passion, and cares.  As this is an external concern, those attributes can appear to show the person cares specifically about the company’s reputation.

    3. That general questioning goes downhill fast if you are a person that can’t accept a no, has a hidden or broader agenda, or has a boss that is a dictator.  

    4. The employees in this scenario did wrong not by questioning, but leaked information.  Simply put outside of a whistleblower protected concern, leaking information is generally against your employment agreements and often law.  

    5. Google could have tried to spin the situation to save face on this topic with a very divided country by negotiating or clarifying that their cloud services would not be used in direct support of the detention services.  That way they can still get the contract, still look good to both sides, and still give the appearance they are humanitarian at heart.
  • Apple's M1 Max bests AMD Radeon Pro W6900X in Affinity GPU benchmark

    Personally I just love the author’s “notched” slide in.  I look forward to seeing how many times people will subconsciously/intentionally reference the notch through word play.
  • Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro charger uses GaN to stay small

    melgross said:
    “The new 140W charger is being sold as a separate purchase to the MacBook Pros, at $99. That price excludes the $49 USB-C to MagSafe cable. “

    My pre-order for the MBP M1-Max comes with the 140W charger.  Not sure what AI is smoking as the high end MBP seem to get the better charger.
    They’re just stating that it’s available separately. People lose them, break them, or they go bad. I also like to have chargers in different places so I don’t have to carry mine wherever I go, even if it’s on a different floor of my house.

    but that’s not what they are saying.  In the article they are referencing the 67W and 96W chargers as “included”.

    “A considerable jump from the 67W and 96W chargers included with the new notebooks….”

    then they said: 

     The new 140W charger is being sold as a separate purchase to the MacBook Pros, at $99. That price excludes the $49 USB-C to MagSafe cable. ”

    So their article specifics you get the 67W or 96W included but have to buy the 140W charger separately, which is not the case from Apple’s website and order.