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  • iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Exceptional phones but the Pro Max underwhelms

    Sorry but the Max line is still where my money goes.  I don’t care about widget or icon size.  As I put all my apps in folders, an extra row is not a criteria that I am concerned with.  

    For me and my large hands, it is the feel and the large screen size, while being pocketable.  The new IPad Mini does seem enticing to go to a two device system, but I want an all in one device for my daily driver.
  • GoPro Hero 10 action cam unveiled with 5.3K video, 23MP stills

    rinosaur said:
    cpenzone said:
    Can anyone's internet connection even handle that quality of video?
    You mean for streaming? A 100Mb connection would be enough with compression. 

    Though for anything but large TVs the difference between 4 and 5k may not be worth the file size differences. 

    To me the better resolution is less about the end product being 5K but allowing to crop into a 4K timeline so you can have a great video and remove some of the edge distortion that inherently happens.  

    Still not a fan of the butterfly mount, but I may upgrade this time.  

    I do wish DJI would release the OMA2 before I commit, as they had a nice showing when it dropped.  
  • Apple's iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 event is on September 14

    I cannot believe I am the first one to type that it is about the Apple Car.  

    The image is clearly headlights from a car projecting out into a winters backdrop, as in the California Dreaming song alludes.  
  • New malicious Lightning cable can steal user data from a mile away

    thrang said:
    And yet people actively voice they want to open iOS to third party app stores that who content is developed, delivered, and transacts data without Apple's security and privacy layers. And don't say "well don't use a third party app store if it's a concern".... Given how we currently share information between family and friends in a secure iOS, environment, it doesn't take much to see how someone else using a nefarious third party app may unwittingly expose some identifiable information about me even if I steadfastly avoid third party apps.

    So if people will go to the extent of this cable hack, imagine what that might do if that had executable code on your phone that has not been vetted nor is monitored?

    If you sandbox third party apps to prevent data leakage, then you would lose access to everything else that makes an iPhone great - I doubt Apple would allow such external apps connectivity to Messages, Mail, Contacts, Files, Game Center, Photos, password manager, Wallet, Face or Touch ID, Continuity, Safari, Calendar, etc, etc, etc.....

    Frankly, I'm not very worried about this cable hack. But a third party app story would be extraordinarily detrimental and potentially dangerous.
    I agree, but remember we can mitigated our personal risk by not using third-party stores or payments.  I will be giving the respective government the finger by “voting” with my wallet.  I will only buy through the Apple App Store, I will only use Apple checkout or another trusted one like PayPal.  

    Just be cause some crooked politicians thinks forcing Apple to cut holes in the walled garden, doesn’t mean I will walk through them.
  • 'No Chance' of blood pressure sensor for 'Apple Watch Series 7'

    pairof9 said:

    I get 40-50 hours between 90 minute charges on my WATCH Series 6.
    That's the #1 reason I'm looking to upgrade my AW 4. It's still a great device but the battery life has been an issue the last few months (especially w/ watchOS 7.6). I barely get a daytime in (10 hours) w/o some recharging. 

    There has to be something wrong with your watch.  My S4  was unplugged at 7:15 this morning and now at almost 6:00 I have 69% left.