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  • Apple Park employees told to shelter in place as San Francisco enacts coronavirus lockdown...

    slurpy said:
    ITGUYINSD said:
    If you take the time to look at the 2018-2019 flu season statistics, you'd see that in CA, we had 30-50 flu-related deaths PER WEEK!  Why didn't we "lockdown" then?  Is the media blowing this out of proportion?  I saw during the 2018-2019 flu season that in the US, 80,000 people died!  Did we shutter businesses, stop travel, and basically turn everyones life upside down?  Did financial markets collapse?  

    It's amazing that in past years, all the flu-related deaths we had, and nothing changed in our day-to-day lives except taking precautions and washing your hands.

    Yet now, the numbers are much lower with COVID-19 and look what we're doing.  I'm trying to make sense of it.

    I'll bite.

     There are several reasons this virus is far worse than the flu and is bringing entire countries to a complete collapse -

     1. The hospitalization rate for COVID19 is 10-15% with roughly 5% requiring ICU; seasonal flu is 0.05%. Furthermore, the death rate for the flu is 0.1%, COVID19 is over thirty times worse at 3.4%. And in some places, like Italy, DOUBLE that.

     2. Seasonal flu related deaths are usually not from the flu itself but other secondary causes such as secondary bacterial pneumonia. COVID19 on the other hand is also called SARS-CoV-2 which stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome where the lungs start filling up with fluid from inflammation - it is far more dangerous and far more difficult to treat.

     3. We have a vaccine for the flu which reduces the severity of its spread and impact every year. We have no vaccine for COVID19.

     4. The basic reproduction number of the flu (average number of people who get it from one sick person) is 1.3. This virus is 3 with some fluctuation meaning that it is much more contagious.

     5. Seasonal flu is an epidemic, coronavirus is a pandemic - it rapidly spreads around the whole world, causing a devastating impact.

     6. We have studied flu for decades so we know much more about it and how to treat and mitigate it compared to COVID19.

     You're welcome.
    Now don’t provide facts.  People that believe this is just a cold, a hoax, or a scare tactic don’t want facts.
  • This dongle can upgrade you to wireless CarPlay for cheap

    Best of all, you can finally use a wireless charger. 
    Seems like they should come up with an adapter that integrates wireless CarPlay with a wireless charger. 
    I agree.  I would love an all in one product.  I would also be happy if Apple would make a Carplay app so I can just use my phone in landscape. 😁
  • MacBook & iPad Pro updates might not make it to WWDC

    ljc94512 said:
    If this is true it shows Apple has the worst product update strategy in the whole business and are taking their customers for granted. The MacBook Pro's have processors that are 2 generations behind! Dell and others have introduced 8th gen intel processors months ago. Apple is a like a slow moving dinosaur. What is wrong with a MacBook Pro update every 8 to 12 months? We deserve better than this......
    The last MacBook Pro update was... 12 months ago.
    And IF this story is true we won't be seeing an update until October at the earliest....... This would mean a 16 month refresh cycle! With all their R&D budget I would expect them to be able to introduce a processor update to their devices within a few months of Intel releasing them onto the market. Given that the 8th gen chips started shipping in late 2017 that seems like wishful thinking!
    Not the chips that are suitable for the MacBook Pro though.  Apple has had longer than 12 months upgrade cycle before as well, I don't see a big issue with that.  
    Sorry LJC94512 but that's not true. Quad core performance with 8th Gen was introduced last year and Dell had machines available in November.......

    AND they had a major redesign for the laptop in March and it has been available since then.....

    As I said, Apple is moving like a Dinosaur here. Whether you are supporter of Apple or not, it's hard to justify how long these refresh cycles take when others are moving over 6 months faster!
    Sorry but if you look at the models of the “8th gen mobile I-series processors” listed on Intel’s site, they were all released in the 2nd quarter of 2018, so by no means in Apple being extremely slow.  If anything they are doing the smart thing in R&D and waiting for your supplier to have a refined product before you spend a lot of money on redesigning the motherboard since the “wiring” is not compatible with the previous generation.

    Besides  2016 & 2018 processor still do fine for today, or next week, month or three for an update.    But then i shouldn’t buy it then because another refresh is just 9-12 months away.  Whatever should a person do?  Oh yeah simply and be happy.  There are a lot of better things to worry about then do I have the best tech for 30 seconds..... This is not the same improvements of the old 486 or Pentium days.