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  • Retired leaker claims iMac with bigger screen is on the way

    I hope they offer a 32” or 40” model.  If not I am going to go to the Mini with that size of display. I use my Mac for things that real estate is needed (desired) and as a movie watching device.  So 27” is the minimum and is small in comparison.  My work setup is one 32” and one 40” 4K displays and it is perfect.

    I agree that having a user accessible port for ram and a hard drive would be perfect.  Maybe you have the AS unified memory and the user can offload the over burden to the user added ram instead of to the SSD?  Then the user added ssd can be a M.2 with a socketed lightning slot, so I could use it for my data files or process files so I don’t have to use up my integrated SSD so fast.  Right now I am doing the same with an external lightning 3 drive and while it works, I would love to keep the all in one aspect.
  • Epic ratchets up UK antitrust pressure on Apple with new App Store complaint

    Epic games is not really helping their case by filing so many complaints and lawsuits.  It is coming across as they are no longer the victims and are the aggressor.  Sure Apple could reduce fees, sure Apple could allow third party payments or stores, but are the consumers actually asking for that?  It is not the consumer watchdogs entities that are “protecting us” but rather clearly a greedy person whom has a vendetta against one of the platforms that helped make Fortnight so popular.  

    As a person that came from Android a phone ago, I like Apples walled garden.  We saw several apps that asked us to go to a “site” to download their APK as they were no longer on the Play Store.  As my phone has become my bank, my main communication device, my web access tool,  and my camera, I have little interest in getting a virus or an app that has ill intent. I even find myself less willing to download from company sites on my Mac, where 10 years ago it was different.  We like the security and that extra review.

    So I say let’s start a new campaign  “Fuk Fortnight, and the Epic douche”
  • Colors fading from some aluminum iPhone enclosures

    They are just holding it wrong 😂🤣
  • MacBook Pro with SD card slot, no Touch Bar coming in 2021

    Last seen in 2016's MacBook Pro models, this slot will allow photographers to take SD cards straight from their cameras and load onto the Mac.

    Wow I just learned my 2016 MBP has an SD card slot.  Must be next to my invisible USB-A and MagSafe port...
  • Tim Cook responds to Facebook's attack ads with tweet about privacy

    AppleInsider does ad tracking too, which is why it is free, and here you all are.  Same with all the other free tech sites and news sites.  They survive by Advertising and Apple wants to cut all that off because they want people to start paying for the Internet.  If you think about it, what is the big deal about seeing ads that might pertain to you?  You all agree to it by visiting any website and agreeing to their terms of agreement, especially when using message boards.  My identity was already stolen, so all my stuff is out there, as I am sure most of everyone else's is too.

    Hilarious that you think Apple cares about your privacy when they got caught with their pants down, twice!  First, using third-party contractors to listen to and save all your Siri conversations which contained location and other data to identify you.  Most recently with the blundered Big Sur rollout and Apple's servers crashing, it was discovered that Apple has been tracking every single app you open on your Mac and recording your unencrypted IP address, which identifies exactly who you are.  Now with Big Sur, Apple continues to do it, but in an even more devious way because Big Sur can bypass your Firewall and VPN.  Any time you open an app and see the Security/Gatekeeper icon and a progress bar before the app opens, your Mac is phoning home to Apple to send that data.  And how does Apple care about your privacy?  Apple can identify every single iPhone user through the IMEI number.  Apple knows exactly who their customers are and they can track you just like anyone else.  They just do this fluff PR about privacy, just like they claim they are saving the environment, yet they are shipping more chargers than ever before as separate accessories.
    Your point is true about how sites cover their costs.  Not sharing my browser history does not prevent them from posting advertisements and getting paid.  It does prevent them from targeting me.  That is a small but very significant difference.

      I as the user should have the ability to grant access to my data.  That is what Apple is implementing, me as a user the right to decide what I do with my data.  I applaud Apple for doing that.  Outside of Apple’s endeavor i and people use ad blockers, privacy filters, and VPNs.  This is just another great tool in the user’s arsenal to combat evil companies like Facebook from stealing my data without my permission.