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  • Simply Mac bankruptcy: Who to call, what happened, and why

    Apple wants $600 to replace the battery in my MBP (late 2016).  There’s no reason why memory and storage can’t be plug and play as it used to be. 

    Seems like a made up number as Apple advertises a $199 out of warranty battery replacement for all MBP…
  • Apple facing new $5.5 billion App Store antitrust lawsuit in the Netherlands

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    I don’t understand these countries chastising and calling Apple a monopoly. If some other individual, entity or company can develop a better smart phone I would be more than interested in considering buying it but until then I want the best phone available which is an iPhone. Don’t penalize Apple or me for owning an iPhone.
    I truly look forward to Apple pulling either their App Store or their phones from a jurisdiction. I wonder how removing one major smartphone company from the marketplace eliminates the "monopoly" problem.
    The problem is if they do that, it likely would bate the belief that they were a monopoly even more.  Apple unfortunately is in a loose loose proposition.
  • Parallels Desktop 17.1 brings full Windows 11 support to macOS Monterey

    You can still buy a perpetual license of 17 as a onetime $99 purchase.  Author, please fact check yourself before posting.
  • Apple anticipated to secure 80% of ARM-based laptop market in 2021

    applguy said:
    So Apple is only going to sell 750M worth of Arm based laptops in 2021??? That sounds really, really wrong considering annual Mac sales are in the 30B range. At those estimates Apple Arm laptops are less than 3% of Mac sales. 
    Your review of the graph is off.  The graphic is only for the silicon.  Since Mediatek and Qualcomm does not produce machines, the graphic clearly is based on silicon sales.  So it is likely for the M1 component it could only represent $750 Million.  

    The article probably should have clarified that as I am sure that is just a guess and we would not know how much Apple would charge itself. 
  • New malicious Lightning cable can steal user data from a mile away

    thrang said:
    And yet people actively voice they want to open iOS to third party app stores that who content is developed, delivered, and transacts data without Apple's security and privacy layers. And don't say "well don't use a third party app store if it's a concern".... Given how we currently share information between family and friends in a secure iOS, environment, it doesn't take much to see how someone else using a nefarious third party app may unwittingly expose some identifiable information about me even if I steadfastly avoid third party apps.

    So if people will go to the extent of this cable hack, imagine what that might do if that had executable code on your phone that has not been vetted nor is monitored?

    If you sandbox third party apps to prevent data leakage, then you would lose access to everything else that makes an iPhone great - I doubt Apple would allow such external apps connectivity to Messages, Mail, Contacts, Files, Game Center, Photos, password manager, Wallet, Face or Touch ID, Continuity, Safari, Calendar, etc, etc, etc.....

    Frankly, I'm not very worried about this cable hack. But a third party app story would be extraordinarily detrimental and potentially dangerous.
    I agree, but remember we can mitigated our personal risk by not using third-party stores or payments.  I will be giving the respective government the finger by “voting” with my wallet.  I will only buy through the Apple App Store, I will only use Apple checkout or another trusted one like PayPal.  

    Just be cause some crooked politicians thinks forcing Apple to cut holes in the walled garden, doesn’t mean I will walk through them.