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  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    cloudguy said:
    "Now the RAM is what Apple calls unified memory ..."

    Unified memory was invented and named by Nvidia - back in 2013 - and is a widely known and used technology. So their options for calling it something else were a bit constrained. 
    Not sure why Nvidia would claim to have invented or named a technology that's been around since the last century, but I first saw Unified Memory Architecture when SGI introduced it in the O2 workstation back in 1996.
  • Apple scrutinized for 'Find My' restrictions placed on third-party developers

    DAalseth said:
    bageljoey said:
    I have reasonable confidence that Apple isn’t going to use the information for tracking me—not because I’m a wide eyed sheeple, but because Apple makes their money from selling premium hardware and increasingly by selling associated services. Loss of user trust would cost them tremendously. 
    I was thinking of up-voting, but you used the word sheeple. 
    Poof all of your credibility is gone.
    But he used "sheeple" on himself to clarify what he's not. I think that's acceptable and his credibility in the post stands.
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro migration starting in late 2020, new model in late 2021 says Kuo...

    HP needing to pay for Windows where Apple gets their OS for free,
    the MBA literally costs twice as much.
    Operating systems are the most complex and advanced in the field of software engineering. HP's and Dell's Windows license fees are far less than Apple's cost of developing the macOS. On top of that, Apple also designs and engineers many of the ICs in Macs. The fact that Apple has a lower per unit cost of software (not zero, it must still pay for many third party licenses), doesn't mean its OS is free.
  • Compared: 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro versus 2020 MacBook Air

    I wish Apple applied what it learned from the 16" MBP and to both its 13" MacBooks: bump the 13" MBP to 14" while nearly preserving the total size. And keep the Air's 13" screen while shrinking the bezels and overall size accordingly. This would provide additional differentiation between them and return the Air to its original identity as a sub notebook. The 12" MacBook was a great form factor but underpowered and the beloved 11" Air is missed.
  • Apple planning flexible batteries for foldable iPhone or iPad

    I think those of you suggesting multiple batteries attached with a cable rather than one battery folding in the middle are conflating batteries with cells. Benjamin Franklin used the term "battery" to described a series of capacitors linked together to give a higher charge (similar to artillery battery). Since then, "battery" has been used to described one or more electrochemical cells working together in a single housing. I was curious if Apple's patent is trying to achieve a foldable battery or actual foldable cell. Seems like it describes a foldable battery with cells arranged parallel to the fold to move without warping. The included figure clearly shows this: the cells (102) don't bend themselves, but reorient as their container (107) bends. But the fear of explosive batteries is unfounded. Millions pour gallons of explosive fuel in their cars to ignite sequentially by spark plugs. Where's the concern of the thousands of actual explosions going on inside your car?