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  • Everything known about the 'iPhone 12'

    No rumors on a larger camera sensor? Thought I read that at one point. I'm curious about the LiDAR module. Is the one on the iPad Pro just available to Apple for AR or can developers use it to make 3D environmental scanning apps? It'd be a lot cheaper to use your iPhone/iPad to scan and save your environment into an OBJ than buying dedicated LiDAR devices. Yeah, I'm talking traditional 3D environment scanner for all the fields that use them: engineering, VFX, architecture, etc. And if you spin an object on a lazy susan, you can use the LiDAR as a traditional 3D object scanner too. Again, if Apple makes those APIs available for developers. Otherwise, all that cost and resources to cram a LiDAR into our iOS devices just for AR seems like overkill.
  • Why Apple's move to an ARM Mac is going to be a bumpy road for some

    If Apple's really considering a move to ARM, it must consider Intel's hurdles. Intel, along with AMD, aren't lagging because they're inept or lazy, but because they're legitimately dealing with the laws of physics that Apple just hasn't had to deal with because it's on an entirely different architecture. ARM will face these same technological hurdles at some point. Apple must be aware that it can't continuing shrinking the fab process indefinitely beyond the announced 3nm this year and 2nm in 2024. What's next, picometers? I personally hope Apple figures out how to include the x86 instruction set within the ARM architecture.
  • A5X: How Apple took iPad to a luxury tier rivals couldn't match

    atomic101 said:

    What do they say always about opinions? 

    I use my iPad Pro from a comfortable distance and can still discern pixel elements (jagged lines, fuzziness, and the screen door effect) on certain text and graphics. A resolution bump, when it becomes feasible considering cost and power constraints, would be very welcome and noticeable to me. It seems that would be the case for other people, who you seem to be quick to dismiss. 

    Retina tech is based on fact not opinion. You're either holding the iPad too close to your face or your unit is broken.

    My color comment is also based on science and fact, not my opinion at all.
    Unless atomic101 is viewing upscaled, poorly rendered, or non-antialiased content, there's no chance in hell he's seeing pixelation, jaggies and fuzziness at a comfortable distance on content rendered at the iPad's resolution. Sure, the screen door effect is definitely possible, but wouldn't be addressed by another doubling of the resolution. 

    Having said that, a LOT of content is poorly rendered or upscaled. After 17 years with a 32" CRT standard definition television, I finally bought a 4k HDR LG OLED. 95% of the content I watch it neither 4k nor HDR. Nothing is broadcast at 1080p. So almost everything is either 1080i or 720p. And then there's compression and bandwidth, which ruin everything. I think the premium cable channels are allotted greater bandwidth than the rest as they exhibit far less dropout, less compression artifacts in the shadows and noisy action shots, and often use Dolby 5.1. This TV has an excellent upscaler so well rendered content at 720p can sometimes look nicer than poorly rendered content at 4k.

    Point is: most screens far exceed the quality of the content they display. A good gauge of a screen's abilities its native UI. iOS on my iPad 4 and webOS on my LG are all razor sharp and look like vector art. Judging display quality off suboptimal content is a common mistake.
  • Apple now responsible for 2.4 million US jobs

    k2kw said:
    How does Apple arrive at that 2.4M figure?
    direct employees (90,000) + vender employees (450,000)  + app developers (1,900,000) = 2,440,00) .

    Of course it’s hard to verify how many of the 1.9 Million are current developers and what percentage of their time is Apple iOS or macOS development.   It could include persons who develop for both iOS and Android.

    i imagine China has 10 Million jobs then tied to Apple.   This press release is probably intended to frighten Trump.
    There are far more involved in app development than just us developers. There are product managers, project managers, QA teams, UI/UX designers, and let's not forget HR, finance, biz dev, and marketing teams at many of these companies. Then you get to the service industries like ride sharing, food delivery, and entire businesses based on social marketing apps. How many drive for Uber, Lyft, TaskRabit, PostMates, LA Bite, GrubHub, etc? How many personal trainers earn their living off the myriad of fitness apps? The collective app economy is massive and the 1.9 M figure seems rather conservative to me. I'm sure Apple's not factoring in the secondary businesses that have cropped up as a result of apps, such as gourmet food trucks.
  • California tables Right to Repair bill following pressure from Apple, others

    dysamoria said:
    shev said:
    Shame. Love a bit of lobbying, brilliant system
    Brilliantly corrupt. The term is plutocratic oligarchy.
    Lobbying is actually a foundational avenue of voicing public interest and concerns to legislators. Nothing corrupt about lobbying as it's fully legal. While we may dislike when wealthy, powerful entities do it, we don't seem to mind when civil rights, environmental, and consumer protection groups engage in lobbying.