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  • Editorial: Why Apple's first port of the new TV app isn't to Android, but to Samsung's ant...

    MAU47 said:
    TL;DR Marketshare

    TL;DR is absolutely a dumb comment.

    As is offering advice on "class" when you make the types of comments you're making. 

    "stating IHS claimed that Android is "winning" when that's clearly the author's slanted narrative"

    I highlighted the text in a photo: there was no misrepresentation of IHS statement: "Android is currently the most popular smart TV operating system platform."

    And please check out the article again. Apple didn't select Samsung for "unit market share." If Apple were trying to cast a broad net by sheer volume, it could write an Android app and target not only most of 2018's smart TVs but millions of Android tablets used as TVs. Apple was not in any way seeking to target volume. That's the entire point of the article. You could get that from standing across the room and just reading the subheadings. 

    If they wanted to reach the most users, then instead of working with Samsung to release a Tizen app, they could have worked with Google, and with Sony, and with dozens of also-rans, to get decent coverage on a majority of Android TV devices that would cover more installed base (maybe) than Tizen. Part of the article's point was that although Android has a larger installed base, it's fragmented, as well as generally being a lower-rent district.

    Samsung/Tizen is the low-hanging fruit for getting Apple TV in front of the largest audience of people who might be willing to pay for Apple services, and thus a good choice for increasing their Services market share. That is the tL;DR. 
  • Apple awarded Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award for work toward device accessibility

    Ha. Took several re-reads of the headline to work through the cognitive dissonance of what Eleanor Roosevelt did with device accessibility that would deserve a Humanitarian Award from Apple. 

    Never mind.
  • Review: HomeKit compatible First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector more than it ap...

    Can Alexa be disabled? And can you be sure she's off? Don't really want Amazon listing outside my bedroom door.