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  • Apple apologizes for falsely accusing developer of fraud

    temperor said:
    One side of the story, probably the student knew all to well and he did not react to the request of clarification, getting external attention is worth a lot of "free" publicity, I'm sure everything could have been cleared out without the need of involving some external media attention. It's becoming a way for developers small and big to get a lot of attention, leading to more downloads. Plus in this cynic world it's another argument to play the david versus goliath theme painting big tech as to powerful and monopolistic behaviour ...
    That's what you got out of this story? This is a very specific app, getting media attention wouldn't even benefit it all that much. 
    The fact of the matter is that Apple removed it and didn't give a valid reason for the removal. 
  • Apple drives both premium iPhone sales, global production in India

    avon b7 said:
    This is all relevant to just one quarter. Is that correct? And Apple's traditional blowout quarter at that. Double digit growth says very little unless we have some absolute figures to go on and the words 'lower pricing' and 'discounting' seem to be very prominent in the source information which includes IDC, a company we have been told is not a valid source of information.

    But don't you know, IDC all of a sudden becomes a valid source when it's beneficial to Apple ;)
  • Apple's largest supplier reported 24 percent surge in revenues from OLED display, componen...

    Daniel Eran Dilger out there in full force again. You can always tell when Apple is in trouble when DED comes out with an apology piece with poorly researched nonsense.
    avon b7muthuk_vanalingam
  • Analysts change tune, now say $1,000 Huawei Mate 20 Androids are a bargain

    maestro64 said:
    Wow this site is really obsessed over what the media says about Apple competitors. Why do you care?
    Because it is DED and it always a good thing to call out the fake media and point out their obvious mistake. If this is not done then people walk around thinking these people know what they are talking about.

    Just more evidence you should not trust most things you may read.

    And trusting DED is even more evidence that you should not trust most things you read. He spins a narrative based around twisting facts to ensure that Apple always comes out on top. Basically if he writes a hit piece against a competitor, you can be sure that the competitor is doing something right because it has DED afraid for Apple.
    avon b7KITAmuthuk_vanalingam
  • Apple responds to Congress on privacy, reaffirms 'the customer is not our product'

    Why do they keep lumping Apple with Google, Facebook and Amazon? Anyone with half a brain can tell Apple is not using the consumer as a product based on Apple's low P/E. Big investors are mainly flocking to companies which can turn customers into products. Those companies are basically able to turn air into gold by using the consumer as a product. Ultra-high share price gains and nearly unlimited growth are easy when using the consumer as a product. If Apple were using the consumer as a product, Apple could get the same high P/E as those other FANG companies. No intelligence agency is coming to Apple asking for users' personal data. Congress is rather stupid if they don't know a data-harvesting company when they see one. Even so, the Feds aren't even bothering to regulate those data-harvesting companies where everyone knows they're using personal data to give to other companies. The companies that use private data are outperforming all other companies and the big investors are happy about it. Facebook shareholders are already getting back what they lost, that's how much Wall Street worships Zuckerberg's company. User privacy is a joke. Most consumers love to have those digital assistant spying devices all throughout their houses. No thanks, I don't want them listening to everything that's being said.
    I guess because they're all tech sector companies. 

    That being said, Apple's stance on privacy makes me so happy to be an Apple user and makes me want to not look elsewhere