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  • REvil ransomware group that targeted Apple supplier gets hacked, taken offline

    Well, well, well… How the turntables
  • Facebook-backed study claims default apps dominate on iPhone, Android

    Has it ever occurred to FB that maybe the reason why the default apps on the phone are the most dominant is because that’s the reason we buy the phone in the first place?

    One of the reasons why I buy iPhone is because of the privacy offered in Safari. You can’t get Safari on a different mobile device. So if other browsers are butt hurt because I prefer the built in browser over their offerings then that’s their problem.
  • Apple Music defaults to non-Spatial Audio downloads, forces deletion or re-download

    One potential workaround for this is to utilize the Smart Playlist feature on the Music/iTunes app on your Mac/PC. I have this set up for myself so when I get a new phone, it’s less cumbersome to re-download all my music back to my phone one by one.

    To my knowledge at the moment, there’s no way to download all your music in one shot. But with a smart playlist, you can have Apple Music automatically add new songs you add to your library to a specific playlist and then download the entire playlist in one shot from Apple Music.

    Using this method, you could theoretically delete all the downloads from your iPhone in the settings app and then download the playlist in one go from the music app, and any tracks that are available in the higher quality formats will be the ones downloaded.

    And given that it’s a smart playlist, any time you add a song to your library, it will automatically be added to the playlist too. You don’t have to do a thing! Hopefully this helps!
  • Apple releases iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 to the public

    MarceloBR said:
    Is this information accurate?
    It’s showing on my iPhone

  • Apple hit with another lawsuit claiming it benefits from illegal gambling apps

    At what point does one draw the line between casino and arcade? Last time I checked, I had to pay real money at the arcade for more play time too given I wasn’t good enough to earn free credits. Knowing of course, that no matter what the outcome, I wouldn’t be paid back in real currency even if I won the game I played.

    IMO, the app in question could be a straight up poker game. If I knew that no matter what happens, I wouldn’t be paid out in real currency, I wouldn’t consider it gambling as it is in effect, a one way transaction.