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  • Japan antitrust regulator to increase scrutiny of Apple's App Store

    I've said this before. Apple should shut down the app store in any country that seriously questions its legitimacy or fairness. Apple's explanation should be, "We are shutting it down as a courtesy to the authorities in this jurisdiction until they give us the all-clear to turn it back on." But Apple seems to have a non-confrontational approach. I would ask Apple to show some pugnacity, gumption and perspicacity. "Who Dares Wins."
    You should tell Apple about this cool idea. As a revenge for being criticized they should just shut down their own business. Guess you have a PhD in economics? But wait a second ....
  • German antitrust watchdog now monitoring Apple-Epic battle

    aderutter said:
    If Apple does get forced to allow other app-stores it should let users know that installing a third party non-apple-approved app will disable all the Apple authored apps to ensure their security is not compromised. So, if you install the Epic app-store for example you can say goodbye to Safari, the official Apple App-Store app, Mail, Calendar, Notes, GarageBand, Pages etc.
    I‘m really wondering what kind of stuff you guys are smoking? Does anyone really know what anti competitive means? 

    The cartel could force Apple to allow multiple payment providers for IAP - this would open competition and the price would regulate itself (just look up free market in a wiki).

    Furthermore Apple could be forced to grant access to the AppStore. This would stop Apple from blocking Apps like Hey, f.lux, Parental Control Apps and many more. No more possibility to block an update because of "irrelevant" information. Yet another point could be that Apple is blocked from unfair competition - like buying a book in Apple Books is free and competitors have to pay 30% (this may be already resolved but you still can’t buy a book in the kindle app).

    Different AppStores could appear naturally - just think of China and Trump trying to remove Chinese Apps from the AppStore. Give a custom AppStore to China - problem solved. Same is true for HongKong where China forced Apple to remove an App - or for content Apple doesn‘t like.
    But I don‘t think it is likely to happen - Apple could be granted to remove Apps only if they are affecting device security or if it is considered to be malware. 
  • Russian draft bill would force third-party app stores, cap commissions at 20%

    beeble42 said:
    ITGUYINSD said:
    Apple could cap to a 20% commission, but add other fees. Apple’s costs don’t drop just because political meddlers tell them to drop them.
    LOL!  I don't think Apple is just squeezing by on the current 30%.  Seems every quarter, Apple is making record BILLIONS in profits on their services.

    Literally, everything Apple does is high-profit.
    And you want Apple to only do moderately profitable things instead of high profit things? Tim Cook's legal responsibility is to provide the best profit he can to Apple's investors, like all those retirement accounts that have AAPL shares in them. Are you wanting him to take money from investors and not give them the best return he can? Do you know he's legally required to give them the best return he can? They would every right to sue, and they'd win, if he guided the company to abandon high profit lines of business for things he knew to be lower profit.

    Apple won't cave on adding third party app stores for Russia. They'll stop selling in Russia and there will be plenty of enterprising Russians who will purchase elsewhere and import them themselves. Apple won't lose a nickel and Russia consumers will end up paying more to the middle men. And Apple won't pay taxes to Russia for the phones it didn't sell there.

    If there is only a rate cap, then Apple will simple start charging fees for all the developer tools and services to Russian developers. And they'll be quite substantial if they are set based on the quality and value of the tools. Before ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder came along (the precursors to XCode), CodeWarrior was over $1000. And CodeWarrior was no where near as full featured as XCode.
    For sure. First Apple stops selling in Russia. China is next, South Korea - why not stop selling at all? Maybe EU will introduce some regulations - ok, stop selling in the EU. Oh and if the congress takes action in the US - stop selling in the US 🤪
  • China sees no reason to keep iPhones if WeChat is banned

    alanh said:
    If a global 30% reduction in iPhone sales was ever iminent, Apple could easily afford to buy WeChat. It would be a good investment and basically a 'no-brainer'!
    (X) you don‘t know what WeChat is and what chinese people do with that app

    Sorry but this is the only possible explanation for your assumption. WeChat is not some iMessage or WhatsApp. With WeChat you transfer money, pay, order tickets, simply everything - there is no possible future or dimension Apple could buy WeChat
  • Compared: Pixel Buds versus AirPods and AirPods Pro

    From https://support.google.com/googlepixelbuds :
    "Do not attempt to remove the batteries. Contact Google or a Google authorized service provider to replace the batteries."

    So it seems that batteries of the PixelBuds can at least be replaced by an authorized service provider. Why doesn't Apple care?
    And why doesn't AppleInsider care when AirPods and PixelBuds are compared?

    AirPods can be used for ~18months (that is my experience and the experience of some friends). After that period of time AirPods start to slowly become unusable cause they don't hold the charge. Can you replace the battery? No! Recycling is also hard for other companies than Apple?
    I know stories from NY where thrown away or lost AirPods cause massive problems.

    So when you consider our environment and given that the battery of PixelBuds really can be replaced - there is only one winner: PixelBuds!
    Shame on you Apple! Where is the battery replacement program for AirPods? When does Apple change the design of the AirPods so that the battery can be replaced?