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  • Tim Cook casts doubt on new M2 MacBook Pros in 2022

    2015 iMac 27 here.  No Ventura for me. Or in my late 2016 touchbar MacBook Pro.
    The desktop is a priority to upgrade, but I also am not happy with choices.  The 24” would feel like a downgrade. I already have a second 27” second monitor beside, use lots of screen real estate and use if as my main video & movie screen.
    A Mac studio & studio monitor would be swell, but way pricy compared to where the large iMac cost when it was around.  I’d love the specs of the studio monitor, but not at that premium.  The design of the new 24” is great. Just supersize the screen with those color depth specs and open up the pro/max/ultra options….    Otherwise I’ll be reluctantly getting a M2 mini and a different brand monitor.  
  • Elon Musk orders Twitter to charge $20/month for verification

    Tesla and Space-X are great endeavors. Boring company and Neuralink not very promising ones. 
    Twitter with Musk isn’t going to be a radical breakthrough, and probably won’t go too bad and burn out either. 
    I will look into Mastadon, which I’ve heard mentioned before.  But I want moderation…
  • Instagram users are geting 'account suspended' errors

    My wife detained me for 30 minutes this morning in a meltdown. Just one of 3 accounts she runs lol.  I told her just to chill after being able to see the blank account from linked one and that there were no violations…
  • Apple Watch Pro shown off in new renders one day before release

    I am so freakin stoked about the actual adventure watch!  And hot damn, I predicted the scuba app!!!  It looks a ton better than the renders. The size, including thickness, the flat crystal has a protective ridge and that hump works so much better than the render, even though they got its existence right.
  • Apple Watch Pro shown off in new renders one day before release

    eightzero said:
    I'm not enthused. While I like my AW4, I am frustrated with much of it. I can't delete built-in apps i don't/ won't use; and the "safety" features don't work. The high noise function simply stopped working for months, and now mysteriously back. I had several false alarms on the the fall detection when I first got it; and I had a rather serious one a few weeks ago and...nothing. I hit the deck hard, and I was prepared to intercept the emergency all, but it never went off. Turns out I was OK...but...

    Gone are the days when Apple's stuff "just works." Disappointing.
    Like since 2018? lol.  The devices work better every year.   You could always go back to the just worked gear.  I'd bet over 90% of your issues are user error anyway.