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  • Apple ditches physical SIM cards from all US iPhone 14 models

    ralphie said:
    Getting rid of the SIM tray is a stupid move. In a world of open standards, where SIM cards are still used everywhere in the world, why move to esims only? 
    Perhaps to reduce costs, simplify design, and make the phone more water resistant? Which of these reasons makes no sense to you?
    Tray is still there is EVERY country outside US. So none of your hypothesis hold any validity.  The move ONLY serves US carrier interests.
    So you've already checked that these foreign versions aren't a bit more expensive? I would confidently state that the internal design is more complex, and there is certainly another potential place for water to leak in.    In any case Apple again pushes the envelope towards a superior way of doing things, and they move the industry with high end phones.
  • Apple ditches physical SIM cards from all US iPhone 14 models

    Getting rid of the SIM tray is a stupid move. In a world of open standards, where SIM cards are still used everywhere in the world, why move to esims only? The old model where you had both esim and physical SIM tray was the best option and gave customers choice. Apple's reasoning around multiple esims and security is nonsense. They could have multiple esims and a physical SIM tray if they wanted. If people wanted security then use an esim, if they wanted convenience then use their physical SIM card.
    I wonder if this move is related to Apple bowing to pressure from US carriers who don't want people to avoid roaming costs by using a local country SIM card when they travel? If so, it opens up another antitrust issue that Apple could do without.
    Are you still hurting from when the headphone plug was removed from iPhones? Or maybe the home button fingerprint detector? I'm sure you resent having to buy a $15 USB-C dock in order to add SDHC card slots, USB-3 ports, HDMI output.   Hey, YOU can still get the iPhone 13 lineup. Or a SE, lol. But I'll happily send you to GTFO with a nice Samsung where you should be safe for at least a year. 
  • New AirPods Pro fits neatly into the existing AirPods pricing tier

    jas99 said:
    I want the new AirPods Pro for their better noise cancellation.
    My existing set works just fine, but protecting your hearing is important.
    So true. That was impressive, and as a city dweller, would be much appreciated. 

    But... It made me wonder if the transparency mode could be made intelligent enough to be clear concert earplugs?  Seriously. Once you've got the app verified fit already implemented, you've got a good seal. Then I'd almost assume that the transparency mode can also be decibel limited. Plus, I'm thinking, maintain the correct balance of bass and treble along with dynamics.  Great for musicians in bands too.  Here's another forward thought: how about a Stage musician customized mix. Even just EQ could help your feed work better for singing, playing, following a groove. It would need to be a custom app to bluetooth a mixer board custom feed to you though...

  • Apple Watch Pro shown off in new renders one day before release

    Hope it has a lot of features or I’m definitely not upgrading. I went from 2 to 4 to 5 to 6, but 7 I couldn’t justify the upgrade. Might be the same case here.
    I'm in the market. I went from 0 - 5, and lately got a bit bored with the watch and went back to my Seiko Diver.
    My wife has the 6 with blood oxygen, which is desirable.  Temperature might be enough to motivate me if it's reasonably accurate. I had an old G-shock I think that had a temperature sensor, but it was all over the place between ambient and body readings.

    Also hoping this render is way off target.  I like crown guards, but this is not pretty.  I'd like to see more crystal protection.
    Also hoping for a higher depth rating for water sport comfort.  How about a scuba diving app?!
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the most wanted iPhone in the fall

    iPhone 11 itching for 14 pro max.  Went economy back then, but as a pro videographer, finding too much use for phone camera to go cheap this time.
    hope T-mobile will do me right with a trade in and payment plan or Apple Card can beat it.
    t-mobile business has been a real pain in the ass for apple purchased iPhone deals though. 
    Had to create a consumer account then move it over and cancel which was a major PITA.