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  • Apple is switching its virtual Apple Cash cards to the Visa network

    I used that procedure. In the Apple Cash settings I see it says its using the Visa network now, but FYI the card in the UI never updated to show "Visa" anywhere that I can see.
    Scroll down and look under CARD DETAILS > Network > Visa Debit
    I think he meant in the card image. On the main one there is no logo, but when you ope it up for settings, at the top there is a small card image with a discernible visa logo.
  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    sunman42 said:
    lkrupp said:
    Okay, so there were two statements made that sealed the fate of the larger iMac. The first was that the Mac Studio and Studio display were the perfect for 27” iMac users. The second statement was at the very end when he said there was only one Mac left to transition, the Mac Pro.

    So, there will be no iMac Pro, no iMac with a larger screen. The 24” iMac is it. The Mac Studio is the future and I’m okay with that.

    Sounds exactly right. The heat dissipation in the Midi, er, Studio clearly dictated the height of the enclosure, and that, in turn, meant there was no way they could fit the same cooling capacity into an M1 Double Wide, er, Ultra-powered 27 (or larger)-inch iMac and still retain a slim profile. Unless with some future generation of M<something> chips Apple manages to achieve even higher performance with less heat generation.
    Yeah, but I don't need the ultra option in a large iMac. The iMac Pro is effectively covered, but not the 27" iMac for around $2k.  What I would love is a 32" 5k iMac with the pro and max options and a similar form factor & monitor performance to the 24" for under $3k. 
  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    Needed: way to use an old 27-inch iMac as a display for the Mac Studio. 
    That went through my mind too!  I'm sure it's great, but $1500 27" monitor is pushing my budget, when my 5k iMac and the cheap QXHD secondary beside it are far from the weak links in my workflow now.
  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    What's missing?
    No upgradeability. At all. None. Zero. Nada.
    No way to upgrade the RAM, SSD or any other components.
    What you get is what you get. Forever. You are welcome.
    Not even a M.2 slot for when the built in SSD seems very slow and small two years from now.

    Those GPU speed/power charts were missing the name of the discrete GPUs they used for comparison. The charts shown when the M1 Pro and Max when the MacBook Pro was released ended up being very misleading. How exactly does the M1 Ultra stack up to a RTX 3090 when ray tracing in Blender? Who knows? Guess we have to wait for a real review to find out. We do know that that the M1 Max hash rate is around 10.7 MH/s while a 3090 gets 121 MH/s so even if the M1 Ultra is twice as fast, it is still 1/6th the speed of the 3090.
    Get a PC loser, lol.   In any case Toms Hardware thinks the ultra will give the RTX-3090 a good run overall. Blender is still working on fully leveraging Apples Metal graphics engine.  Ray tracing however is a specialized graphics function, and the RTX have RT specific cores.  These haven't been integrated into the M1, although the specialized cores there will be more useful to most creatives.  Maybe these will come with the M2 or Mac Pro.  My bet is that the hinted mac Pro will only come with the M2 next generation chips.    In any case, Silicon optimized mac apps will have massive advantages with the integrated OS making the most of the hardware.  Not the drag of graphic card drivers and game engines struggling to make the best of a fire breathing (and watt chugging furnace) big ass double space $1500 PCI card.  No thanks.
  • Nearly every Mac rumored to see an update in 2022

    Although I understand that pro & max versions of M1 will maintain an edge over “vanilla” M2, if I were Mac marketing I would want to avoid the confusion and try to not introduce new M1 pro/max models AFTER the introduction of first M2.
     I'm also hoping that the larger iMac is not limited to a pricy “pro” version.  I don’t mind the nomenclature, but I want this form factor with a solid edge over M1 24” and under $3k. I suspect there are many with me.
    Although the development time from M1 intro to the pro/max was significant, I expect this release time for the expanded versions of M base will be closer in the future, and keep generational developments and model lineups cleaner moving forward.