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  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    Yet another eager to upgrade iMac guy. My 27" 5k is late 2015, just squeaking into Monterey OS. I'll probably buy whatever they come up with (in the offered range), but here are my prefs.

    • Chin / notch - I don't give a flying fork. 
    • Stand - can definitely be improved.  I'd appreciate a free option for a standard vesa mount, and I'd go for a desk mounted arm in a flash.
    • Has to be a next generation M series!  M2, or pro/max upgrade option at least.  I'm suspecting new models this year, especially a popular config like the big iMac will be M2.  Fine....  Should still blaze for reasonable cost. 
    • Monitor size. 27" is OK, but was definitely hoping for a bump up since the smaller went up.  30/32 would be great - more important is the screen type - hopefully the new tech micro LED wide dynamics.
    • Color - meh.  Not silver would be a nice change of pace.
    • bezel - Nice to slim it down a bit, But I really don't mind a BLACK edge to my screen. 
    • Connectors - honestly, I'm fine without so many built in, especially if they are on the back...  I use a dock anyway for anything that goes in and out frequently.  Ideally, Apple would make their own tailored front facing connections thunderbolt 4 expansion dock and keep it within reasonable price range.  
    • external power brick - makes sense for me, heat, replaceable, neater thin look overall on body.
    • Speedy internal SSD - please don't burn us with the size upgrades. 
    • RAM - upgradeable, outsource options pretty please.  I want 32gb without breaking the bank. 
    Bring it on when I'm feeling a bit flush. I usually go middle of the pack offerings, but it will depend on how ambitious the baseline model is, and what the upgrades look like.  Hopefully it isn't a money grab on just bigger SSD and RAM that a video pro needs...
  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

    I imagine the M series mac pro is going to be the last to arrive, and not for at least another year - more likely 2.  But, what is going to make me open my wallet is the next series of large iMac.  Hopefully not just in an inflated price "iMac Pro", but even the current "pro" chip offerings with a 30" high standard monitor.  I need a powerful stay in place system connected to bulk storage with backups, connected to server and RAID 24/7.  My laptop needs are much less demanding, and I wouldn't want to risk taking the core of my media business out with me.   Maybe the iMac Pro will be a bridge to the next generation of chip, and I'm sure it would satisfy the needs of a huge proportion of creative high end media producers and developers.   I'll have to scrape I'm sure, but my (loaded) iMac late 2015 just barely qualified for Monterey. Surprisingly, it made an immediate noticeable improvement in performance - probably cleaning up some accumulated background issues I'd picked up. 

  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

    Appleish said:
    I know that there are a lot of use cases out there for some to need the new Intel Mac Pro, but knowing the M1 MBPs were coming, how many could have just waited.

    All those Mac Pros out there can't be upgraded to Apple Silicon. What a waste. Flame away...
    The pro and pro max chip upgrades were far beyond what was predicted.  The market for the Mac Pro is a specialized industry, and often time sensitive need.  It's not a bad thing that these aren't dropped like hotcakes, because we do want Apple to keep pushing the envelope in the highest level of media creation tools.
  • Hands on with the best new features in macOS Monterey

    Haven’t tried myself yet after very frustrating time previously on the assumption I could, but can you airplay apple fitness plus classes from phone to Mac?
    Our Apple TV area is not appropriate for fitness, and laptop maybe even to spare screen in other room would sure beat squinting g at a small screen….
  • WhatsApp hit with record $267 million fine in Ireland

    I’ve refused to join WhatsApp so far despite contacts who prefer it for communication.  
    Why not just use Apple messages (with SMS support for the dweebs)?  My Japanese wife uses Line, which I reluctantly signed on to for when she travels. 
    FB messenger is an evil I deal with for distant contacts especially foreign. Always move people over where possible.  The now college kid uses it with buddies for laughs, but not with me.

    Naive question here. What(app) the hell is the advantage of it?  Seems to be just for trivial shit that auto deletes.  I guess some limited privacy for those in nefarious pursuits.  Maybe it’s a storage saver for media rich exchanges?