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  • 'High-end' lenses for 'iPhone 12' to start shipping in July, Kuo says

    swat671 said:
    regular pictures are fine in low light situations. Pano and video, though, are a no-go, which I find so odd.
    You should read how apple managed to get that lowlight performance to understand. I don’t think the 8 has the incredible performance of the 11 I have, but that matches my dslr with a 2.8 lens handheld.
    It’s fascinating actually. Taking a still in the dark entails dozens of images in a burst which are analyzed for blur and combined with AI.
    Obviously, this multi-image can’t be used for video or pano.  They manage to build the advantages of a longer exposure aided by stabilization and these tricks to avoid blur. 
  • New iPad Pro ad spot shows off Magic Keyboard

    Love it. Can I afford it for my needs? no. My 1st gen iPad pro 10.5 (with apple back and keyboard cover) will have to hold me for a while, and as much as I love this, it won't replace my power laptop needs - editing long form video on the fly, managing a library of raw DSLR photos, stashing lots of data for use sans internet.... Running a fast multifunction hub, with fast mini SSD storage could tempt me in a year or so.
  • Apple planning on releasing 23-inch iMac, 11-inch iPad Air in 2020

    Yes! ^^^^ The 21.5 iMac was the budget option, but 23" with a refreshed frame is a great move. Work out the kinks, and bring on the 30" iMac i9 at affordable artist prices asap after working ut the kinks on the budget upgrade.
  • Here are all of the biggest changes coming to Apple Watch with watchOS 6

    Im on first generation watch, use it every day. About ready to jump for Gen 4 though.  It's laggy, got left behind with sw updates last year, and I'd love to swim with it. 
    Plus I do have a benign heartbeat irregularity that makes sense to monitor.  
    The dials thing has really pissed me off though.  Monetizing brand faces is such a flimsy way to get more and give less.
    Would be so simple in customization to give a photo background to the analog hands. give half a dozen hand alternatives and colors.
    I pretty much exclusively use my own custom formatted background for the limited control digital face. Company logo, even special events I'll whip up in photoshop for giggles.    
  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

    Those monster windows “laptops” with 17” plus screens, an inch thick, plastered with ports and extra keys. Mostly marketed for “Gaming” capabilities, I think are truly ridiculous.  I’ve only seen posers with them, always plugged in, doing simple web and office duties.
    The power users (generating live graphics, mixing audio etc) bring iMacs (now pros) to my one day event gigs.