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  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

    I imagine the M series mac pro is going to be the last to arrive, and not for at least another year - more likely 2.  But, what is going to make me open my wallet is the next series of large iMac.  Hopefully not just in an inflated price "iMac Pro", but even the current "pro" chip offerings with a 30" high standard monitor.  I need a powerful stay in place system connected to bulk storage with backups, connected to server and RAID 24/7.  My laptop needs are much less demanding, and I wouldn't want to risk taking the core of my media business out with me.   Maybe the iMac Pro will be a bridge to the next generation of chip, and I'm sure it would satisfy the needs of a huge proportion of creative high end media producers and developers.   I'll have to scrape I'm sure, but my (loaded) iMac late 2015 just barely qualified for Monterey. Surprisingly, it made an immediate noticeable improvement in performance - probably cleaning up some accumulated background issues I'd picked up. 

  • Apple teases update to Apple Music, saying that 'music is about to change forever'

    They’ve decided to let Apple Music play FLAC filez!
    Soooo annoying that flac plays natively in the finder preview, but not in app.
  • Kensington StudioDock review: catering to iPad Pro-centric creatives

    OK. Since you asked.  This is ridiculous, to the extent that the review screams sponsorship.
    Brushed aluminum does not mean Apple design, and the forced functionality and non modularity are not just generally questionable, but downright dumb in the case of the iPad Pro.
    Not even addressed here is the fixed height. This would be very tiring to use much with fingers. Awful if not impossible to use with the pen (biggest reason to choose iPad imho). Maybe if your standing and drag it closer to you, but that will suit a fraction of people a fraction of the time.
    There are great little USB-C mini docks for around $30 for all this connectivity (maybe 2 cheaper ones even better). That fit in your bag and go with you where you’ll likely be needing them!
    The other device chargers are far from
    elegant and have no place being cemented to this.
    When the power supply burns out, you get a book holder and a boat anchor, along with lost functionality everywhere, although you couldn’t move them or take them anywhere else anyway....
  • Former Facebook employees detail impact of Apple's upcoming anti-tracking privacy feature

    The scary and obscene thing about this technology isn’t it’s use in ads for small businesses. I’ve used Facebook ads, and they used to give us decent return before they got too expensive, literally doubling several times over the period we looked at them.
    it isn't even corporate sized advertising that’s an issue. As others have said, these insights are tenuous at best for tailored ads that are ubiquitous online, including this site.
    No. The obscene part is for political ads, social issue ads, foreign influence ads, ads mimicking native content, ads propagating lies, conspiracies and chaos through undermining facts and information that the internet could have been a solid reference for.
    The dispersal of blatantly false and chaotic uncertainty is a huge problem of this era, and these tools are most powerful and most disgusting when used fit these ends.
  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

    Awesome. Truly pro. As an early adopter of the new generation (late 2016 mid pack), I’ve been very happy with touchbar, keyboard (hasn’t been abused yet), retina screen, and it has felt decently snappy for on location video editing of red carpet & non streamed live switched footage for news feeds at events.  It’s the h264 compression bottleneck that can leave us impatient sometimes.
    6 cores, 32gb, and a refresh of graphics are doubtless a kick in the rear. 
    $6700 though...  
    that 4tb ssd has got to be a big chunk of that.
    then apple’s ram prices are of course inflated.
    here’s my question (I’ll check these upgrade prices myself)...
    will drive & ram be user upgradable?
    OWC has been a reliable $ saver for me for well over  decade of macs, hope that’s an option.