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  • FTC pledges to take on unlawful restrictions on right-to-repair

    The thing is, Apple have built a reputation for being trustworthy. Nobody believes that a company can be trustworthy, so they assume it's all smoke and mirrors because, hey, even the President of the United States was untrustworthy and you can't get more important than that. /s

    Apple has justifiable reasons for restricting repairs to trained personnel, but they also have unjustifiable reasons for it. The decision that needs to be made is whether or not the level of harm from the existing situation is great enough to justify changing, recognising that unforeseen consequences can impact the balance of harm vs benefit. And given the energy stored in batteries these days, the potential harms are great indeed, both to consumers/users and the corporations that manufacture the devices - look at what happened to Samsung after the "explodophone" disaster, and imagine what could have happened had Samsung been an American company.
  • Developers of free apps seek $200 billion damages, claim Apple restrains trade

    "The consumer is unaware of the existence of developers, if they aren't approved and promoted by Apple," it continues. "The merchant of record for all iPhone app purchases is indeed Apple."
    "Clearly, Your Honour, there is no other way of making consumers aware of our product, which self-evidently is worthy of attention because it is free and obviously of incredibly high quality because it is free."
  • Apple holds out in adopting next-generation RCS texting standard

    swat671 said:
    Beats said:
    I wouldn’t trust this standard. 
    Why? It's just a new text messaging standard  
    Read the article linked to by Auxio - it's eye-opening.
    marc gwatto_cobra
  • Netflix to offer original mobile games to subscribers for free

    bleab said:
    Telling Netflix - the #2 streaming app in the world behind YouTube - that they can't add a major feature that is going to be present on Android and the other competitors is a whole other matter. We are going to see if Apple is going to stick to their "need to review each individual app for security, content etc." guns or if they are going to have to be forced to let Stadia, xCloud, GeForce Now and Luna through in order to accommodate Netflix.
    By that logic, Apple wouldn't be enforcing its rules against YouTube - but they have done, and will continue to do so. There will be more pressure placed on Apple because of this, but I see it as unlikely that Apple will cave. Time will tell.
  • UK slowly ratcheting up power of newly formed big tech antitrust regulator

    "For example, it could require platforms to allow the public to share contacts from one platform to another," it says.
    So, the UK government could enact a law that requires these companies to breach the GDPR. No wonder they wanted Brexit!