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  • Long, optical Thunderbolt 3 cables are coming soon

    anome said:
    I take it this is different from an actual Light Peak connection, in that it's not using a native optical signal, just transmitting the Thunderbolt signal over an optic connection.

    Shame Light Peak didn't really get any traction on its own - Thunderbolt was supposed to just be a placeholder while they got the cost of the hardware down. Then again, I was always a bit hazy about how power transmission was supposed to work without the copper. (I mean, it's possible, but it would make the hardware even more expensive and complicated.)

    Come to think of it, do the Corning cables support Power Delivery? Or is that specifically a part of the USB spec they don't support?
    They might do it with a copper sheath around the optical core. I have no idea how effective that would be, though.
  • Editorial: How long before we get a $100 'Everything Apple' subscription including an iPho...

    Apple Music - $9.99
    iCloud 2 TB - $9.99

    What is the other $80 for?

    iPhone is an installment purchase, it is not a rental. If you continuously and religiously upgrade on an exact schedule every 12 months, it might mirror one, but it is not. It can't be included in any sort of ongoing Apple subscription.
    Yeah, I'm not convinced Apple would actually rent a phone, either.  However, if as part of a bundled purchase, all that other stuff was included, I could see them doing it.  Of course, like the contracted phone purchases of years past, if you continue the full price after the phone itself has been paid off, it's a waster of money.
    After the phone has been "paid off" your subscription will include the option to receive a new phone.
  • Editorial: How long before we get a $100 'Everything Apple' subscription including an iPho...

    larz2112 said:
    So your idea is to bundle services and equipment that the customer never really owns and charge a pretty penny for it. So basically your idea is to do what the cable companies have done for years. So you want Apple to treat its customers more like the cable companies treat their customers. You know, the cable companies that we all love? Nice.
    People seem to have no problem leasing cars, or subscribing to AWS. Ownership has its drawbacks too, like device disposal - an offer that appears reasonable that mitigates such drawbacks will at least be considered by a lot of people.
  • Patent troll targets iOS and Mac app update system in lawsuit

    mld53a said:
    For all those people saying this is obvious, the question is was this obvious back in June of 1999? What is obvious today may not have been obvious back then. 

    I am aware of at least one other patent similar to this that also has an early priority/filing date. And several companies that infringe this patent as well. It’s obvious now but not so much back then. 
    Yes, it was obvious back then.

    Making and maintaining a list of applications that an institution had licenses for was a common practice even in the early 1990s, and each item on the list would include information about the requirements for the application (it's called a database). When the web started becoming popular, many educational institutions would put these databases online for their intranet, with download links to the relevant executable.


    Your description is a simplification of the patent that has been granted; if it wasn't then I'm pretty sure Apple would have been able to convince the PTAB to toss the patent on review. Since that hasn't happened (as mentioned in the article) there must be some non-obvious component.

    But I'm not bored enough to read the patent or the complaint for more details.
  • iPhone 11 -- hands on and first impressions

    Jordanf1 said:
    All I can say is 2500 Aud for the 11 pro max is outrageous cost 
    That's the price for the 512GB model, which has a higher likelihood of still being sufficient storage more than five years from now. So, you're looking at AU$500 per year if you keep the device for five years, which is a smidge more than AU$40 per month, if you amortise the cost on a straight line basis.

    It's not cheap. But it's not as expensive as you seem to think.