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  • Apple updates Logic Pro X with performance upgrades for 2019 Mac Pro

    lkrupp said:
    apple ][ said:
    apple ][ said:
    Damn, that new Mac Pro looks so sweet. It's more than I am willing to spend right now, so I wont be getting one, but that doesn't mean that I can't lust after one. :#
    Apple will never do this, probably, but I still want a mid-range modular tower. You know, something like a Windows PC, if not quite.
    Yeah, it doesn't look like Apple has any plans for such a thing any time soon.

    I guess that those people who are absolutely determined to have one, can make their own if they have the knowledge and they're willing to put in the time and effort.
    So the question going forward is why doesn’t Apple have any plans for a “mid-range tower”? Could it be there is no profitable market or need for such a machine? I think that’s the case. Apple knows who its customers are and they apparently are not the “mid-range tower” types. All the screaming and hollering here in tech blog forums doesn’t mean there are enough potential buyers out there. And even if Apple came up with such a machine it would be trashed immediately as not good enough and not cheap enough by that vocal minority. The “I won’t buy one unless and until...” comments would drown out any positives. Yes, Apple knows who its customers are and the current lineup is meeting those customer’s needs.
    The Mac Pro will sell in volume to film houses, recording studios, R&D facilities, at good margins. Mid-range tower customers would always be comparing a Xeon W to their Core i5. They would never win. This keeps Apple above the Frey. They aren’t going to make a $300 plastic tower to compete with Dell at $10 profit per unit. Besides, an iPad Pro is faster than your Core i5/i7.
  • AMD's Radeon Pro Vega II and Duo offer Mac Pro up to 28Tflops of GPU performance

    A Titan RTX has 16.2 TFLOPS 32 bit float performance or on their Tensor core, 130 TFLOPS 16 bit float performance, just to put things in perspective.
    I wonder why Titan RTX has 4x the performance at half-precision, but AMD only doubles.
  • Apple posts WWDC Platform State of the Union video with deeper dive on new features

    I plan to buy 3 stands, 1 for home, 1 for work, 1 for client visits. Now I need a Pelican carrying case for the Mac Pri and the monitor. 

    Im budgeting $60K for my video editing setup. The stand pricing is tiny compared to my $25K editing monitor plus it’s $5K calibrating spider.

    i May need to re-budged up to 100K and raise my rates. Wish this were an 8K monitor.
  • BMW owners unable to access CarPlay due to apparent subscription service outage

    Audi would never be so uncivilized as to charge for access to technology. 

    Vorsprung durch Technik!

  • Review: Fiets & Fiets modular backpack is perfect for traveling with your Apple gear

    dougd said:
    A MacBook Pro AND an iPad ?  That's absurd who needs both?
    I travel with my personal MBP 15” + iPad Pro 12.9” + my iPhone XS Max + an 11”MBA on which I sucked the Lenovo from work into a Parallels VM.

    The Lenovo + its power adapter weighs more than all my Apple gear with an 87 watt power adapter, plus my Ibis Wireless charger.