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  • CVS Apple Pay rollout in US complete after long struggle with CurrentC

    Count me also as someone who swapped to Walgreens because CVS wouldn't accept Apple Pay. Walgreens now has all my prescriptions, so they won't get me back as a customer. Every time I asked at CVS, the managers would give me some line about Apple wanting 30% of the sales price, but when I was ask them how Walgreens can afford it, they would get quiet.
  • Watch: iPhone XS Max versus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in audio test

    That’s not a difficult piece of music to reproduce. Try something with intricate instrument interplay, not electronic boops and beeps. Coins and Promises by Margaret Becker. I love my XS Max, but the bass passages that rattle the windows in my car while Maggie’s voice glistens, the phone doesn’t even attempt to reproduce. My clock radio does a better job.

    or try The Walk by Steven Curtis Chapman on the Abbey Road Sessions album. The improv section at the end has such great stereo separation and imaging that I’ve had a passenger exclaim “It’s like I’m right on stage between them”, but on the phone there’s barely a left and a right.

    Try those two pieces on a “real” music system, then on the two phones. If the Note even comes close to a real music system, I’ll buy one.

  • Review: The iPhone XS Max is what Apple has always promised the iPhone could be

    kwalkerk said:
    While I agree with almost everything in the review, I have one huge drawback with my new Xs Max.  Battery life.  I upgraded from a 6s+ which would easily go all day with my usage pattern.  Now I'm lucky if the Xs Max makes it to mid afternoon before needing a recharge.  Going to monitor a couple more days, and if no improvement will be taking it back to ATT.
    I have no idea how you’re burning through the battery in half a day. I’m a heavy user and the XS Max gets most of the way through 2 days, and that’s with pretty heavy Personal Hotspot use, lots of productivity apps and talk time over my AirPods and car Bluetooth (not CarPlay)

    Have you checked which apps are using the battery? Are you in a poor signal area? 
  • Hands on: Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes

    I think the orange, indigo and cream band is gorgeous. Very stylish. 

    Taste is subjective, though. I wish the rouge and cream were available for 44mm. I would wear the **** out of that band. 

    There are millions (billions?) of Apple Watches. The only way to personalize is through bands and faces. I would love a herringbone band!

    The absence of bands for Android Wear shows how important style is to its audience. 
  • User guide suggests Apple expected AirPower to ship with iPhone XS

    Not a big deal. When you’re making 70 million of something, you may need to plan ahead.