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  • Apple posts WWDC Platform State of the Union video with deeper dive on new features

    I plan to buy 3 stands, 1 for home, 1 for work, 1 for client visits. Now I need a Pelican carrying case for the Mac Pri and the monitor. 

    Im budgeting $60K for my video editing setup. The stand pricing is tiny compared to my $25K editing monitor plus it’s $5K calibrating spider.

    i May need to re-budged up to 100K and raise my rates. Wish this were an 8K monitor.
  • Apple decorates McEnery Convention Center with WWDC livery [u]

    Many conventions have moved to San Jose because the homeless and crime issues are simply out of control in SF. While there are definitely homeless in SJ, you’re nowhere near as likely to step on human feces or be mugged on the way to your hotel.

    When median single family homes reach $5 million in SF predicted next year thanks to Lyft and other IPOs, and the difference between having an apartment or not is $4000, not $400, the homeless issue will become quite worse in both cities.

    I live in San Jose. Almost everything worth attending has come here. Hotel rates have soared to 500-1000/night mid-week.
  • USB-C cable shopping for an iPad or Thunderbolt 3 Mac is still a nightmare for consumers

    Remember that the faster you charge the battery, the quicker you’ll need to replace it.

    Apple pairs it’s devices with chargers that match its goal of 5-year battery life. For example, using the 5W on an iPhone 7... fast charging the same phone reduces battery life to 2 years. It won’t die at that point, but the power drawdown curve will become erratic, such that the device may suddenly power off, and actual run time can sharply decrease too.

    Heat is the enemy for batteries, especially when charging.

    I always charge slowly overnight and use fast charge for emergencies. Also, don’t constantly charge your device. That kills the battery even faster,

    peter volksEwalkaceblu
  • Apple confirms T2 coprocessor blocks some third-party Mac repairs

    iFixit et al keep harking on about this being Apple trying to stop repairs - when it's pretty obvious what this is: security.

    It means the security of you or your company's files doesn't end when I get out a screwdriver.

    who are we kidding? After you get out a screwdriver, might as well buy a new one...

  • What are all the complications on the leaked Apple Watch 'Series 4' face?

    Looks gorgeous! Hope it isn’t only for the series 4. I have a series 0 Rose Gold Edition and a Series 2 White Ceramic Edition. Not planning to invest in another watch until one of them stops working. Sometimes I wake up and realize I have one on each arm. Maybe I can wear one as a pendant, but no heart monitoring...shame. A Mickey Mouse rose gold pendant would be cool...