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  • 'Love Island' star says someone tracked her with an AirTag

    rynoyes said:
    Definitely don’t flush it down the toilet, it has a battery and cause a clog.  Taking the battery out would be the logical first step
    Have you ever used an airport bathroom? You can flush a small person down one of those things, lol. But yes, flushing an AirTag down the toilet is the last thing a logical person should do. But considering the source, her reaction seems on-brand. 
  • Epic CEO fears Apple's influence over the metaverse

    I fear Epic’s influence on the metaverse. But my opinion doesn’t matter either. 
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  • Apple TV+ considering bid to stream UK soccer

    I’m still not entirely convinced of Apple’s competence in broadcasting live sports. Part of me wants to say “wallet open, take money”…but the other part wishes Apple would fine tune its approach before tackling (!) something as prestigious as the EPL. If you think people have been vocal over the way Apple is handling its MLB responsibilities, just wait and see how bad they will be if the EPL on Apple TV+ isn’t absolutely perfect. Seriously, Apple can’t afford an own goal here, they will need to be perfect. And so far I’ve seen no indication that they are anywhere near that level yet in live broadcasts. 

  • TikTok has a plan to avoid getting banned in the US

    150 million Americans use the platform? I’m sorry, but that’s a bullshit number and an outright lie. Maybe there are 150 million accounts in America, where many people might have more than one. Maybe. I sincerely doubt it, but maybe. Or maybe many of those people joined up and quit 5 minutes later. Maybe. But to suggest that half of our nation uses TikTok is hilarious. And before you ask Wavy, I do not have any proof of what i am saying other than the common sense logic that my own observations provide. 

    Then there are the 4 “Commitments”, of which number 3  states: “Tiktok will remain a platform for free expression and will not be manipulated by any government.” They come up with this nugget and say it with a straight face to the House only after they face being banned. Not before. So, they are promising not to be manipulated by “any” government while they are literally being manipulated by a government. Hmmm…

    Top to bottom, his entire testimony is comedy hour. 
  • Keyport Pivot 2.0 & Popl Review: Streamlining everyday carry

    I really appreciated this review, thank you. Can you review the KeySmart iPro next? Like the Keyport, it is modular but can be added to FindMy for tracking.