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  • Acefast Crystal (2) T8 review: Flashy and loud wireless earbuds

    chutzpah said:
    JP234 said:
    chutzpah said:
    JP234 said:
    The only demographic I see here is the pathetic narcissist who wants illuminated earbuds that say, "HEY! Look at ME!"
    middle and high school and most college students
    And there you are.  Or maybe just projecting?  

    Seems like a decent product at a good price to me.  No need to rant about something just because it wasn't designed in Cupertino.
    I made no claims about the device functionality, only its lame gimmick, and how Apple Insider missed the indisputable fact that AirPods are a status symbol, and these are not. And that the name stinks (c'mon, you know we agree on that!). You must be projecting yourself!

    And you pre-empitvely insulted anyone who might be interested in these as pathetic and narcissistic.  As the first comment on a thread that likely would have died without any other comments, I can tell from that that you rate your own opinions very highly, while taking a lot of pleasure in judging others indiscriminately for their tastes.  Yeah, I think you project something, but nothing good.

    Have a nice day.
    This occurs on a daily basis around here. If JP doesn’t like it, it must automatically be shit. And JP doesn’t like much. 
  • Facebook also launches blue-check Verified program

    JP234 said:
    [So, there's trolls working on a farm in Mintz, Moscow or Pyongyang right now making thousands of fake drivers' licenses. And they're the only ones paying for this "service."
    Well, maybe a few domestic extremist trolls too.]

    Nothing beats fresh, home-grown conspiracies!
    Sounds like you know what you’re talking about. 
  • Facebook also launches blue-check Verified program

    This shitshow of a company has tried for years to further monetize its users. They’ve finally figured it out…just steal someone else’s idea. Again. 
  • iPhone 15 Pro will have blistering performance, claims leaked benchmarks

    I don’t know guys. 

    A previous supposed leak by MaxTech showed the A17 getting 38xx in single core and over 8xxx in multi. 

    The person who leaked it to them said it ran too hot in the iPhone enclosure at that super sayan power level, so they speculated it would have to drop down to 3000 and 7000 respectively. 

    That’s lining up with this. 

    People are forgetting the a16 and m2 series are stopgap chips, with barely any improvement over m1, just clocked higher. 

    As Apple did not have enough time to implement new GPU features, everything outside of some registers and cache stayed mostly the same. 

    A17/M3 has cpu architectural improvements, new GPU, and memory upgrades. It’s going to be a good leap from m2. 

    In a phone enclosure, we won’t get to see full benefit, due to sever thermal constraints. But the m version, I’m a more generous space will have room to rip. 

    It’s not like the iPhone desperately needs more power but it’s nice. The Mac, however, is going to really shine, especially in light of rivals who’ve cut corners to compete on performance. 
    I haven’t seen that leak from MaxTech yet, but you might want to keep checking back for them to inevitably change their minds. Then, change it again. Referencing MaxTech is a risky proposition. 
  • 2022 iPad Pro M2 review: Six months later, powerful and still stale

    DAalseth said:
    I love my year and a half old M1 iPP, though all the things you mentioned would apply to it as well. The only time the chip was at all pushed was playing the new Myst. Other then that, the M1 is really more power than I ever need, but it’ll be good for many years to come. 

    As far as the hover effect goes, I didn’t see much point to it when they announced it. Fwiw, I have a feeling that the hover effect will end up being like the TouchBar on MacBookPros. Really cool, but developers won’t bother and in a few years it will quietly go away.
    Hover isn’t going anywhere. Both it and State Manager will be fundamental in the UI Apple releases with their AR/VR/MR headset.