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  • Hands on with VR and AR for work: A currently insane view of the future

    Fred257 said:
    Dear Apple,

    I currently have a Pixel 6, an Apple iWatch 7 and an iPhone mini. 

    I am going to dump ALL APPLE PRODUCTS in the fall.

    Why? Because Siri makes my life COMPLETE HELL

    Could you imagine using Siri with an AR headset? What a complete and utter nightmare. There is absolutely no way I am buying your headset unless you fix your digital assistant. And you need to fix your digital assistant all around.

    Because with my pixel phone I can dictate with it flawlessly. I can automate my phone to where I can connect to things seamlessly.

    Apple is so far behind on this if they don’t catch up this year, I’m gonna dump my Mac computer included.

    Get it done Apple 
    Better hurry up, Apple. He means business. 
  • How Apple wants to integrate its AR headset with iPhone & Mac

    I have to admit, this is a feature I had never imagined. It will be things like this, things that no other company can duplicate, that will propel Apple to the forefront of the AR space. 
  • Future Apple 'Body ID' could increase health awareness, offer diet advice

    avon b7 said:
    The industry is moving in this direction on various levels. Morphologically, chemically and on an body/device interface level.

    I'm a little surprised that a company like Amazon hasn't already produced a whole body 3D depth sensor so that I can scan myself to get clothes with a adequate fit (or a perfect fit for made to measure garments). Something that could be mounted on a TV which allows you to see the model on its screen (through a Fire Stick) so the image composition is correct.

    I know that Huawei and one of Elon Musk's companies are working on different body/device interfaces too.

    Personally, I think 'smell' could be an area with vast health consequences so any consumer device capable of interpretating the molecules related to smell would be great. 

    Maybe years off, but at some point, our toilets too are going to play an active role in our daily health. I mean apart from asking us to eat less vindaloos and beer!

    Time for Jony to come back and design a gleaming white Apple Bog. 
    Amazon does already have something similar…



  • Target & Apple partner for more retail shopping experiences

    omasou said:
    Is Target really the go to place most people think of when they think Apple + retail?
    Not yet, but maybe they will be after the expansion. I know I would rather go there than to any of the Apple Stores in my area. 
  • Future Siri could talk to whoever is calling you, and take notes

    Before they get to all this…can they maybe teach Siri how to read a box score? If it can’t even recognize a sports notification and alter its delivery to eliminate abbreviations, I have serious doubts about its ability to conduct my personal business. If you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll agree on how awful that experience is. And it’s just one of many.