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  • Unique 'Lucky you' sealed original iPhone is up for auction

    JP234 said:
    Some folks will buy anything. I might consider buying it for $100 if it had Jobs' autograph on it.
    This isn’t your diary. We don’t need to know your every thought. 
  • Apple pushing Apple Music Classical hard with new TV spot

    entropys said:
    Freedom from hip hop recommendations.
    For me, it’s worth it for that alone. 
  • Apple Music Classical waltzes onto iPhone

    I opened the app intending to listen to Shostakovich, and 3-4 lines down that’s exactly who I found. My recently listened to section was populated with songs from the Music app, which I thought was a nice touch.  For me, the best thing about this app will be not having to get constantly bombarded with anymore pop crap.

    More touches and more polish will follow. For now, I’m loving what I’m seeing/hearing, but this is not a finished product. 
  • iOS 17 may be much more than a maintenance update

    Apple devices really are the operating system of my life. I hope that the improvements move the needle even further on their existing offerings and include some jaw dropping surprises.

    Personally I would love if AAPL could:

    Substantially improved Siri functionality and integration into the broader app eco system. 
    1st party generative pre-trained transformer functionality integrated into Siri.
    Full and native unreal engine or 1st party competitive alternative.

    Substantially improved HomeKit functionality and automation. Ensure HomeKit automation is fully integrated with shortcuts on steroids. Like IFFT and/or iCloud based runners for cloud based jobs but for the rest of us.

    1) Further improve Apple Health by adding a 4th ring on mental/brain health to include brain feedback devices, meditation & mindfulness as formal "close your ring" goals.
    2) First party skin lesion/mole tracker. Using computer vision, lidar etc to map and track changes. Unfortunately a rapidly increasing health issue for many people.

    3) Prepare and later launch 1st party security keys in a similar format to AirTags. 
    4) Refine FindMy alerts and include some system event alerting into the service to better understand why a device is not reachable.. i.e last seen it had X% battery or received a device airplane or shutdown event.
    5) Augment Pin unlocking with another option to only unlock if Apple Watch is very proximate to avoid these Pin shoulder surfing and device theft.
    6) Add behavioural biometrics to pin unlock so that screen tap cadence and other indicators influence the unlock decision or step up auth with Apple Watch.

    I could go on.

    Unreal engine? Seriously?
  • Uze 100W GaN Charger review: A lot of power in a small body

    The price isn’t actually that high when compared to similar 4-port GaN chargers out there.