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  • How-to easily pair your AirPods with Nintendo Switch

    They need to add passthrough USB charging to that accessory. I understand the on the primary use case is on the go, but there are definitely times you need to be on power and also want headphones.
  • ACLU says US border agents have 'near-unfettered' ability to seize iPhones, other devices

    spice-boy said:
    I never take phones, computers or iPads with me when traveling outside the US. Why invite the scrutiny and why invite the possibility of seizure of these devices, if not by US law enforcement, by foreign immigration officers?
    If that were true don't you think the lack of at least a mobile phone would seem suspicious. 
    Are we really going to have to start wargaming for the best outcomes when traveling outside the US even as citizens? We're really reaped what we've sown with this administration.
  • iPhone XS Max scores second in DxOMark's smartphone camera tests

    You guys did see his "/s" sarcasm tag there right? =)
  • Hands on with Apple's ornate gold Milanese loop for the Apple Watch

    AppleInsider, could you double check the claims above about the band pulling through the anchor?  I've read a number of commends on Reddit that suggested that something changed with the series 4 bands that have allowed that to pull through.  This was NOT the case with the original Milanese Loop SS bands, either silver or black, so I don't believe historical data is relevant here.  I'd like to find out from someone with a Gold Milanese Loop if it is possible to pull the band through. 
  • Rachio 3 sprinkler controller adds support for Apple's HomeKit

    Rachio has been promising to add Homekit support since v1 hardware. It never materialized. They would say it was under investigation and around the corner, until you cornered them and then they would blame somebody. They didn't want to put in chips that supported the hardware auth that was initially required. Then, after being confronted that they no longer needed hardware chips, just wanted to blame Apple for not have a proper category. Now it is just a money grab to get people to upgrade to v3 hardware. They could support v2, but they won't. I would not be surprised if they EOL v1 hardware to force people to upgrade. If they pull that, I'm switching brands. On the other hand, a little good natured support of their user base, such as free back porting HomeKit to at least v2 might earn enough respect from me to upgrade. (from v1 to v3 hardware)