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  • Apple, Google have apologized for privacy issues but Facebook is just sorry they got caugh...

    I agree with the editorial 100%. On Jan. 31 the Washington Post reported on a study which found that when people quit using Facebook for a month, the quality of their lives improved — according to those individuals themselves, not an outside expert. Since FB has 2.3 billion members, it is doing a lot of damage to world happiness. It pollutes social life, and should be taxed like carbon emissions.
    I have been commenting for some time here and in other places that Facebook is an evil social media app that people seam to need like ICE or Crack. I have also advocated that Apple should get into the space but do it differently so it promotes the human connection that social media seams to lack. One thought I had was integrating call features into the app to prompt more people to reach out and talk to their friends and family about what they have just seen posted. This lack of human contact is the big failing of social media that all the psychological researchers are concluding. And of course if Apple is doing it your data is going to be safe.
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    command_f said:
    I played with Alexa the other day on a friend's Sonos: I was impressed and amused. I have never been impressed by Siri. The actual speech parsing is good but the reaction to so many enquiries is just to display a web page on the display; this defeats the object in many cases. A rethink is overdue if Apple intends to compete in this area.
    Totally agree. It is one of the many reasons I hardly use Siri at all. It would be nice if there was some real functionality built into the assistant.
  • Qualcomm demanding Apple pay hefty fine in Germany for iPhone ban avoidance

    Is this the same case where Apple (and I'm completely paraphrasing here) basically said they aren't infringing and had the evidence but lawyers for Qualcomm would not to agree to keeping Qorvo's IP confidential so the evidence was not submitted?
  • Apple's Australian tax bill falls to $164M despite rising profits

    jungmark said:
    If the law has loophole or is badly written, blame those who wrote/pass/signed the law. 
    Yes we have a bunch of knuckle heads who did all of that and more in parliament, just look at how many prime ministers we have had in recent years.😉
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says new services coming this year, talks iPhone XR 'flop,' more

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    what new services do you guys think Apple should get into?
    That's a good question.  Other than video, what has mass appeal?  I'd be curious to hear what services people currently use.  It's hard for me to imagine what services Apple might launch outside of video and perhaps some kind of all-you-can-eat magazine subscription service (based on their acquisition of Texture).
    That’s an easy one. The service that is ripe for takeover is something to rival Facebook that doesn’t steel, sell or absconded with your private data and still allow you to be in contact with your friends and family.
    I disagree.  Several companies have tried to create such a service and failed.  It's a nice idea, but people simply aren't willing to pay for it.
    Well, they wouldn’t pay for it on its own, but as part of something else … ?
    I personally don't believe so.  If Facebook believed that enough users wanted a paid, secure service with no data sharing, don't you think they'd already be doing it?  I think that would be a hugely foolish avenue for Apple to pursue.
    But Facebook don’t need to do that they run ad’s. ;)

    The very fact that Facebook could go up to the hill and make a mockery of your country’s government in the way it did during those hearings speaks volumes to how much respect it really has for its customers. Now, while we are on that topic, who are they exactly? Do you think for a second that it is you and me that has a a Facebook account or do you think that it is those faceless organization and social influencers that has purchased the ads? I would bet that Facebook really looks at us as a commodity to be exploited in as many was as they can get away with.

    I for one would be very happy for Apple to step in and clean up this very dirty aspect of social media and the internet.