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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says new services coming this year, talks iPhone XR 'flop,' more

    robbyx said:
    NY1822 said:
    what new services do you guys think Apple should get into?
    That's a good question.  Other than video, what has mass appeal?  I'd be curious to hear what services people currently use.  It's hard for me to imagine what services Apple might launch outside of video and perhaps some kind of all-you-can-eat magazine subscription service (based on their acquisition of Texture).
    That’s an easy one. The service that is ripe for takeover is something to rival Facebook that doesn’t steel, sell or absconded with your private data and still allow you to be in contact with your friends and family.
  • Apple reportedly acquires AI startup Silk Labs

    What am I looking at here? A block of wood? 

    It’s the “New BendGate” controversy.😏
  • Apple joins other tech giants denouncing Australia encryption backdoor proposals

    mattinoz said:
    Hopefully the Illegitimacy of the current Australian government and the Ministers driving this change will be exposed before passes, but it will come down to the wire. 

    If Apple want to be effective on this they need to in the face of the cross-bench and educate them how dangerous such a move will be.
    But if they don’t get the message across effectively or some of the cross bench are just a bit too thick to get it........ A decision will need to be made. I for one hope that Apple chooses to take the no lose opertunity to send a message to all governments around the world. If faced with this position again here is what we will do, “As a result of the laws passed by the Australian Government recently and the penalties that can be applied to us as a company and to our customers as individuals means, till further notice the only function that will work on all iPhones & iPads is the keypad dialing and the biometric’s of the devices until the said laws are retracted.” 

    The response from the public will be swift and harsh and not towards Apple. This government is already badly on the nose and a move like this would be received just the way the Tech companies would want it to be, and with an election just around the corner it might help to solve a few othe things as well.
  • Cable & ISP groups sue to block California's net neutrality protections

    lkrupp said:
    The U.S. DOJ has also filed suit against California. This is not about net neutrality per se (it is of course) but who has the authority to regulate. If each state were allowed to set up its own net neutrality rules there would be utter chaos on the Internet. That’s why the power to regulate commerce is given to the Federal government by the Constitution, not individual states. You may be for net neutrality or against it but it’s the Feds that should be making those rules, not individual states. If you are a net neutrality supporter then wait for your much touted Blue Wave in November. If you don’t support it then hope the new Congress is not veto proof. Personally I see this not being resolved until 2020 at the earliest. Obama created net neutrality by presidential edict. Trump abolished it by presidential edict. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. This is Congress's job and they should decide one way or the other by passing legislation.
    Congress definitely needs to step in and do something about this. The case people should be following is the lawsuit that was filed this past January by 22 states looking to invalidate the FCC rollback. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to rule. I imagine if Congress doesn't do anything, the lawsuit filed in DC will end up in the Supreme Court. 
    And we all are under no illusions of the possible bias towards the status quo if Kavanaugh is on the bench.