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  • 'iPhone 12' predicted to ship without EarPods, will boost AirPods sales

    entropys said:
    In my household they don’t last long. 
    Maybe include a voucher. $30 for EarPods, or $70 towards airpods. You choose. A real up sell.
    it would be a sticker on the iPhone box so you can redeem voucher when purchased if you want.
    I would prefer this. Voucher for your next pod. Until a few months ago, I still have the sealed headphones from my iPod 3rd gen. :o  Never used any of e/phones that came with my iPhones either as I prefer buying a better one. Including a voucher will probably push me towards buying from Apple instead. I know they are on par nowadays.
  • Apple TV+ 'Mythic Quest' special shot entirely on the iPhone airs May 22

    If that opening sentence is true, I question the judgement of those involved.  Who would use an iPhone to write a script given all the alternatives readily available?
    Might not the whole scripts. Possible just the embedded main title (or some sort). Definitely looking forward to this.
  • The A13 chip in Apple's cheapest iPhone SE beats the most expensive Androids

    5G offers little more than faster battery drain and often the requirement to pay extra for mobile service, whether that 5G service is consistently available and capable of delivering noticeably better, real-world mobile data speeds than the best 4G LTE or not.
    This is the part I’m curious about. Will I be able to purchase a non-5G iPhone 12? Could I get a 5G iPhone 12 but stay on a plan that won’t allow me to connect to 5G? Where I live and travel the most has not had any “real” 5G roll-out. It’s likely iPhone 12 will have other new features I’m interested in but being forced to pay for cellular service I can’t receive doesn’t make much sense. 
    More likely. You can either use 3/4G mobile plan or you can disable them in settings. The same option available in Settings>Mobile Data>Data & Voice: 2G/3G/4G
  • Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro up for preorder on Amazon, supposedly ships on May 30

    commentsf said:
    Jesus Christ Apple. $349 ?

    i miss Steve Jobs 
    Might be worth it. Wait and see (and touch it first to see before making any comments) if the price is justifiable. From the spec and function, I reckon it is.
  • Apple's iOS 13 is now available for your iPhone or iPod touch

    Wgkrueger said:
    rezwits said:
    The iPad counterpart to iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS (added), will also be available to install on September 30.
    THAT is BS ^^^
    I’m pretty sure that information is accurate. 
    Guys, updated. Been brought FWD. Both of you are correct (in the timeline)