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  • Seven Apple suppliers linked to Chinese forced labor programs

    On so many levels (geopolitical, IP theft, militarism, political/societal, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, etc.) it makes a whole lot of sense for Apple and other companies to develop long term plans to at least reduce in a significant way their reliance on China for labor, parts, factories, etc. Granted China is a massive country with a huge population that outside companies would love to tap into for revenue. And China certainly incentivizes outside companies to build infrastructure in China if they want to sell goods in China. But there is an over reliance on China for parts and production that needs to be reduced.
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  • Apple capitulates to Russia laws requiring preinstalled software on iPhone, Mac

    And the trip down the slippery slope of government control over personal computing devices begins. This may not seem terribly bad as it only requires Apple to offer up certain apps. But you can be sure the Russian government will want Apple to report on the people who installed or declined apps. It seems reasonable to fear that over time this will evolve into requirements that certain soft be installed with no option to refuse. Then again it may not be any worse from a privacy perspective than what Google and Facebook are already doing mining and tracking user data.
  • Google following Apple, cutting Google Play commission fee to 15%

    The main motivation for Apple and Google to restructure commissions is fear of government regulations. And unlike the old retail approach to selling software the many restrictions placed on developers is another issue. The in-app purchase rules along with the creation of in-app purchase commissions may be a bigger issue for developers than the one-time fees.
  • Bipartisan senator group calls on FCC to dramatically boost broadband definition

    A bigger issue is Quality of Service. Outright bandwidth definitions are meaningless without a QOS component. I have 200 mbps service from Spectrum but the QOS was insufficient for me to work from home and see patients using Zoom for telemedicine appointments. I believe in minimizing government regulations but two areas they could help with are forcing ISP’s to define the QOS for all of the plans they offer and improving rural access. But I fear this is just the beginning of the government trying to take over Internet Service.
  • Renault touted as great potential Apple Car partner by analyst

    An Apple car manufactured by Renault certainly would be no worse from a quality perspective compared to what Tesla has been producing. I know nothing about the Renault EV platform but Apple may be supplying a platform design/technology and is just looking for a manufacturer.