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  • Kuo: 'Apple Car' to use Hyundai's E-GMP platform, GM and PSA partnerships possible

    The new BEV platforms are nicknamed “skateboards” because they are a flat platform with 4 wheels, battery and motors upon which almost any style of vehicle can be built. Apple doesn’t want to design a new platform from scratch. Though they could probably substitute a unique battery technology into the structure Hyundai designed. What will make this unique will be the exterior and interior design and technology integration. Apple doesn’t want to be in the business of designing and operating assembly lines. Look at how long it has taken Tesla to get the basics of car manufacturing (ie panel gaps/alignment) up to industry standards. Apple will design the car. Hyundai will build it. Hyundai also builds upscale models in its Genesis line, so for the snobs out there who equate an Apple car built by Hyundai to a Kia, you are off base. Working with Hyundai is a good and logical starting point that offers Apple speed and quality and allows Apple to focus on design and tech and not nuts and bolts.
  • Tim Cook responds to Facebook's attack ads with tweet about privacy

    I love to see tech giants in a battle. Apple is trying to monetize privacy. Facebook is monetizing its users. Apple revenue comes from its customers. Facebook revenue comes from advertisers. You pay for free services with your data. At least now you will have the chance to decide if that is what you really want to do. By now Facebook and Google know a lot about their users. Though that data will get stale over time. I wonder how many Facebook users would actually pay for an ad-free subscription?
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  • Comcast extends 1.2TB monthly Xfinity data cap to nearly all customers

    Limited provider choices in any geographic area are primarily due to the high cost of installing infrastructure, especially problematic in low population density areas. Comcast and it’s ilk are successful because of the investment made installing coax cable into homes to support cable tv services over the past forty years. Their ability to leverage that infrastructure to provide internet service gave them an amazing financial advantage. New regulations won’t change the financial challenges faced installing new infrastructure. If there’s money to be made, providers will make the investment to build new services such as seen with fios and many new local fiber providers. Comcast deliberately sets their data caps at the 95th percentile because they know if they impact too many customers it will invite regulation. If you are a consumer in the 95th+ percentile you really have no basis to complain about being charged more. 1.2 trillion bytes is a huge amount of data. It doesn’t really matter that your games are 300 gigs.
  • Intel announces technology team restructuring amid 7nm woes

    When will Intel unveil a long term strategic plan that brings an end to the close-to-50-year old x86 architecture? Microsoft is at risk too with the constraints of an old x86 architecture. Is ARM the best way forward for the industry? I don’t know. But perhaps the best future is a totally new architecture that provides a bridge from the past to the future. It’s a bit like Boeing always finding a way to upgrade the 50+ year old 737. Time for Boeing and Intel to kill the cash cows and build something new.
  • Britain's NHS rejects the Apple & Google COVID-19 exposure notification technology

    I have more to fear from the government than I do from Apple or Google. If Google were to somehow monetize this data, which I would object to, the downside for the individual is minimal. Having the government run a central data base capturing your location and interactions with others is much riskier. They have the power of arrest, confinement and taxation. I do not want any government having Tracking data about me, no matter how good the intention.