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  • Sony details pricing, availability of AirPlay 2, HomeKit 8K, 4K smart TVs

    Use an Apple TV and all you need is a monitor that has no internet connection.
  • Mac shipments down 21% year-on-year in global PC market shrink

    Apple’s market share is minuscule. Their overall pricing is higher than PC’s. Overall Apple’s products are of a higher quality, but you pay a premium for that. In a recession price sensitivity increases and I would predict demand for all of Apple’s products, including iPhones, will decrease significantly. The PC world is still dominated by Windows. The growth of cloud services should increase the ability of Apple to sell product in the corporate world, but the price premium may ultimately hinder that.
  • Why Apple will move Macs to ARM, and what consumers get

    Saying ARM gives Apple control over the hardware/software stack doesn’t really help me understand the benefits of the switch. If Intel wasn’t missing targets would Apple still be doing this? There’s a bumpy road ahead to make the transition. It will be challenging for users. What about Pro level users? Can ARM work for them? Apple has shown they can integrate ARM processors such as the T2 chip into the existing intel platform. Maybe they should be going after graphics first? Or maybe they want seemless app capability across iOS and MacOS? Or maybe they want just a single OS? Any insights from the experts?
  • Conde Nast still waiting for Apple News+ success

    This is a classic example of “build it and they will come.” Conent has to be actively marketed through social media.  Or cross linked with other news content.  Everyday, content providers/publishers need to offer a certain amount of free content to build brand awareness. Then develop subscription offerings once consumers have been exposed to their unique content offerings.   To sit there and say “revenues haven’t been what was expected” sounds so lame.  Get active. Market your content. Market and develop your brand.  Drive revenue. Don’t just expect random clicks and subscribers. There’s my free advice. 
  • US denies Apple tariff relief on remaining five Mac Pro parts

    I just read about the doomsday nuke that can hit the US in 30 minutes or less with devastating force that China will be showing off in its 70th anniversary military parade. They claim they are a peace loving nation.  You have to wonder why US manufacturers (hello Apple) continue to invest in a country that has developed a weapon specifically designed to inflict massive damage on the US? Apple should invest in super advanced robotic assembly so they can stop relying on cheap Chinese labor to build their products. That would scare the Chinese more than American weaponry.