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  • Conde Nast still waiting for Apple News+ success

    This is a classic example of “build it and they will come.” Conent has to be actively marketed through social media.  Or cross linked with other news content.  Everyday, content providers/publishers need to offer a certain amount of free content to build brand awareness. Then develop subscription offerings once consumers have been exposed to their unique content offerings.   To sit there and say “revenues haven’t been what was expected” sounds so lame.  Get active. Market your content. Market and develop your brand.  Drive revenue. Don’t just expect random clicks and subscribers. There’s my free advice. 
  • US denies Apple tariff relief on remaining five Mac Pro parts

    I just read about the doomsday nuke that can hit the US in 30 minutes or less with devastating force that China will be showing off in its 70th anniversary military parade. They claim they are a peace loving nation.  You have to wonder why US manufacturers (hello Apple) continue to invest in a country that has developed a weapon specifically designed to inflict massive damage on the US? Apple should invest in super advanced robotic assembly so they can stop relying on cheap Chinese labor to build their products. That would scare the Chinese more than American weaponry.  

  • High-end users on 'Why I'm buying the new Mac Pro'

    tipoo said:
    We deal with PHI data that can't go on AWS or any outside servers. Some of our machines are 768GB RAM, the previous workstation limit, as virtualized instances as mentioned will take a heck of a lot of memory relative to their need for CPU. That bit seems to be throwing off a lot of people online who can't imagine needing 1.5TB in a single workstation. We were already maxing out older platforms. 
    AWS is HIPPA compliant and will sign a BAA.  There’s no reason you can’t put PHI in the Amazon Cloud. You’re incorrectly limiting your organization’s IT options if you aren’t evaluating cloud options.  There may be other reasons not to use AWS, but HIPPA and PHI is not one of them. 
  • A full ban on sale & purchase of Huawei 5G & other networking gear in the US appears immin...

    Trump is creating a war against China and Chinese companies (as well as Iran) to distract from the exposures of his own corruption and criminality.

    Unfortunately it won't be he who suffers but America and Americans. 
    Meanwhile the rest of the world is sliding away from the U.S. as Trump elects the failed "go it alone" strategy of the Bush Administration where the only countries who support his policies are those who have been bullied into it.

    This is unlikely to end well.
    Particularly now that the U.S. has to sell a Trillion dollars of bonds a year to finance Trump's Taxscam.  The U.S. is vulnerable -- especially as China has already loaned the U.S. over a Trillion dollars.  Frankly, we need them more than they need us.
    You made the observation that China has lent the US one trillion dollars. However you draw the wrong conclusion. They need us more than we need them. They will be out $1 trillion or more if we default.  It’s in their best interests to have a healthy US. 

    It’s about time we stood up to the Chinese. Especially as it relates to IP theft. And Tim Cook needs to move a chunk of Apple manufacturing out of China. To India and even the US. 

    If you want to talk about corruption you’d better include Bill and Hillary in your framework.  The Clinton Foundation was a huge pay to play scam which has virtually shut down since Hilary lost the election and there is no influence available to be purchased.  If you can’t see that then you are just a simple hypocrite. 
  • Apple chargers and cases subject to US tariff increase

    Apple has been shortsighted for many years, manufacturing the vast majority of its devices in China. Some might say they were driven by greed.  China production costs are so low it was easy to keep expanding manufacturing there. But Tim Cook, the uber-supply chain expert should have seen the mess they were creating relying exclusively on Chinese production for their highest revenue products.  Imagine if there ever was a war with China? That would terminate Apple production.  Rather than focusing on how thin and beautiful Apple products are, Tim and company had better move quickly on diverse production sites. Including manufacturing in the USA.  There’s no reason Macs can’t be produced in the US with highly advanced robotics at a cost similar to Chinese production. Apple has been driven too much by quarterly Wall Street numbers. They need to get strategic about manufacturing. And fast!!