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  • Latest iOS 15 beta automatically removes lens flare in photos

    I don’t like the way the entire picture changes in an attempt to reduce lens flare. It’s like the picture was taken with a tinted lens. The entire picture is darker. In this sample pic the color of the grass has been changed . The sky is not as blue. Is there a setting to toggle this on and off?
  • Developers of free apps seek $200 billion damages, claim Apple restrains trade

    Just remember that there is just one pathway to get an app installed on an iPhone and that’s through Apple. Apple has complete and total control over the App Store marketplace. Certainly there are security benefits to this level of control. But one could easily argue that if an app passes security standards and doesn’t violate some severe level of indecency why shouldn’t all apps be allowed in the App Store and let the competition of the market pick winners and losers? I for one don’t need some Apple curation process to “protect” me from undesirable apps. I’m an adult. I can handle that. I’m not a lawyer but there is certainly some level of “monopolistic” behavior happening on the part of Apple when they have absolute control over which apps are allowed in the App Store.
  • New iPad Pro models with larger screens are under development

    What Apple has been avoiding for years but is the absolute solution is a MacBook Pro with a touch screen on an articulated hinge which would allow it to be used as a tablet. There is a convergence occurring between the Mac book and the iPad, especially with the M1 chip. So maybe a large iPad with a keyboard is the solution but you can’t run Mac apps on an iPad. Seems like the best solution is a touch screen Mac book pro.
  • Phil Schiller testifies about Apple data collection, App Store favoritism

    I like this case because it’s all about checks and balances. Apple is huge. Many of its policies are self-serving to drive profitability- which is normal and acceptable. But a company can get too big, too powerful, too self-serving. Which is at the heart of the matter with this case. The same can be said of Google and Facebook and Twitter. I’m tired of all the fan boys with their Walmart analogies. There are competitors and alternatives to Walmart. Not so much the case with Apple. The Apple “walled garden “ has advantages and disadvantages for the consumer and developer. But does Apple have too much control? Too much of an advantage? Too much market dominance? That is the question. The big tech platforms may be approaching a day of reckoning regarding monopoly status. Time will tell.
  • EU proposes sweeping regulations on Big Tech, hefty fines for noncompliance

    The devil is in the details. What the actual regulations will be is yet to be seen. It’s a slippery slope of further government regulation of private industry. If there are going to be new regulations, I would like to see regulations that require the big tech companies to produce a concise and simple to understand statement of how customer data is used, sold, or shared. As well is simplified terms of service that don’t require a law degree to interpret. The fundamental issue that is forcing the EU to create these regulations is the monopolistic behavior of the tech giants. Their market power allows them to create one-sided policies and strategies that favor the company - for which they can’t be blamed as that is the natural tendency of a monopoly. Ultimately Google and Facebook need to be broken up. Possibly Apple too. Twitter needs some sort of shake up that gets them out of the content control role they’ve grown in to.