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  • EU winding down Apple Music antitrust investigation, charges expected

    What an anti-EU sentiment on this forum by a bunch of Americans who look at the world in two dimensions. 
    Unbelievable, considering how America has been screwing up most of pretty much everything.
    Most seem not even to know what democratic socialism is, and the fact that capitalism is also very much a part of society in EU countries. For  Americans it seems to be a lot of “this versus that”. 
    Also conveniently forgetting Apple is under anti-trust investigations in the US but ... “socialists”. 
  • Epic Games vs Apple -- the whole story

    davidw said:

    I'm not saying the Fortnight player themselves looks like dorks. I'm saying that the avatar they are stuck with, when not paying for a cool outfit, looks like dorks. And that's to be expected, as Epic wants players to pay for cool looking outfits. If the free avatars looks cool to begin with, there would be less need for player to pay for cool looking outfits.
    So you're STILL trying to insult Epic's customers?
    davidw said:

    Tell the third party retailers selling to Amazon customers in Amazon MarketPlace, that in the real world, they don't have to go through Amazon checkout payment method.
    Is the only way you can defend your argument to make irrelevant or incorrect comparisons?  A third party retailer can also create their own website and sell to those same customers without using Amazon's checkout or paying any fees to Amazon.  A developer on the App Store cannot without paying fees to Apple.
    davidw said:

    paying through an iTunes account, the customer can fund their account with a CC (including American Express and Discover), Apple Pay, debit card, PayPal and gift cards paid for with cash. You think Epic is going to allow as many options? Plus iTunes gift cards can often be purchased at a discount. 
    Why is this even relevant? Again, you don't seem to be able to defend your position without making irrelevant arguments.
    davidw said:

    This has nothing to do with a retailer having the right to use what payment method they want or giving the customers more choices as to how to pay. This is about Epic not wanting to pay Apple and Google a commission for access to iOS and Android platform customers. You don't hear Epic making the same demand on Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo platforms. Or Amazon MarketPlace sellers demanding to use other payment methods, other than Amazon checkout, so they can avoid paying Amazon a commission for accessing customers on Amazon's market platform. 
    If this is nothing to do with payment methods, why do you mention payment methods above? You really should get your argument together before you start to repond. I will agree though, it isn't to do with payment methods, and it isn't about Epic paying commission on the relevant App Stores, it's about Epic not being allowed to use their own App Store on one platform. And you don't hear Epic complaining about Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo because they CAN distribute their software through other means without paying fees to those companies for using their app stores.
    davidw said:

    If Epic were to lower the cost across all platforms based on the savings they get from not having to pay the 30% "tax" on iOS and Android platforms, then that would mean the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo 30% "tax" would amount to less money for them, as Fortnight Bucks would cost less. Good for Fortnight players on all platforms, but Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are not going to be too happy with that. That's why Epic can not pass on their savings if they were to lower their overall cost by not having to pay the iOS and Android 30% "tax". They will keep the savings for themselves. Or Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will have to charge Epic more than a 30% "tax", for hosting Fortnight on their platforms, to make up for the loss of Fortnight players spending less to play.  
    How do you know what Epic will do with the savings? I've already explained how Epic could reduce prices across all platforms.
  • Epic Games vs Apple -- the whole story

    davidw said:
    Epic makes their money by selling virtual goods to players so they look less dorky and more cool.
    Do you think trying to insult Fortnite players boosts your argument? Or just makes you look bitter?
    davidw said:
    Players buy these virtual items using Fortnight Bucks, that they pay for with real money. $10 of real money buys a player $20 worth of Fortnight Bucks. When they buy these Fortnight Bucks, the owner of the platform from which they were bought, gets a 30% cut (of the real dollars, not the Fortnight Bucks). Be it Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Nintendo, etc.
    In the real world retail works like this, a seller can accept multiple types of payment, each with an associated charge. A credit card might charge a percentage fee, it costs in employee time to count and bank cash, cheques need to be deposited, banks charge a fee for direct transfers etc etc. Those costs are usually absorbed by the business and the cost per item to the buyer is kept the same. The business sets prices by figuring the cost of each payment method as a percentage of overall sales and balances the price to spread the cost of across the entirety of sales. The high cost of one is offset by the low cost of another and the amount of sales they can expect over the different methods.

    If Epic can remove the external costs of sales and manage it themselves on their own platform, they can expect a certain percentage of the sales to have a lower cost and therefore the price across all platforms can be lowered accordingly.

    The alternative would be for Epic to sell their game currency at a flat fee across all platforms and ADD a transaction fee based on the platform the user is purchasing from, but all the platforms would HATE that because Epic would be forcing pricing transparency and the end users would see clearly how much the platform is taking for every one of their sales.
  • Epic Games vs Apple -- the whole story

    Imagine having to rent your house from only Teo landlords available in the entire world.... How does that situation sound to you? Not great, right?

    Or even building your own house and having to pay your previous landlord for the privilege.
  • Epic Games vs Apple -- the whole story

    digitol said:
    Epic games is legally wrong. Apples guidelines are clear. 30%. Always has Been. Epic signed the deal and now they want to go back on that agreement. Nope.  
    I don't think Epic have an argument with Apple taking a cut of sales made through the App Store, they object to Apple having the same cut on sales made through the platform they built themselves.