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  • Tim Cook wants to debut one more big product category before he retires

    I realize there are a good number of Cook fans here but I, for one, believe he cannot leave soon enough!
    What’s your reason for wanting to exit the guy who was at the helm during a period when the company rocketed to 10x its value, survived and thrived under constant attack by dozens of competing companies in the smartphone, tablet and PC markets, offset its carbon emissions, advanced the state of the art in each of the three aforementioned product categories, and became the software platform monster than some of us predicted it would be?  
    Also bankrolled research and development of 5 nm, then 3 nm process node chip designs which greatly benefitted the whole tech industry by paying in advance its CPU orders. In a way, they are subsidising TMC.
  • Apple's new Find My accessory program goes beyond iPhones and tracking fobs

    I would think this s is a slap  of the  face (or surface) of Tile due to it  favoring to listen to  rumors rather than talk to Apple directly.

    Since every hardware  OEM  gets equal access to the U1 chip, the  company who can sell the cheapest will will get the most customers.  Let us see where Tile will end up after a year.

  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

    “Robert Read, a former contract engineer from 2002 to 2093 in Huawei Sweden office said:
     “They spent all their resources stealing technology.  You’d steal a motherboard and bring it back and they’d reverse-engineer it.”

    Excerpts from  WSJ article:

    In 2003 Cisco accused Huawei of stealing its software and its manuals. “They have made verbatim copies of whole portions of Cisco’s user manual.  The plagiarism was so flagrant that Huawei even copied bugs in Cisco’s software and typos that appeared in Cisco’s manual also appeared in Huawei’s.”

    Huawei couldn’t release its router’s for shipment until it fixed a substancial  number of the common Cisco bugs contained in the Huawei routers.
    Cisco General Counsel then flew to Shenzento speak to Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, who called it a “coincidence.”  Huawei then settled the suit after admitting it had copied some of Cisco’s router software.

    In 2010 Motorola accused Huawei of stealing their compact base station SC300 design. An email of one of its employee’s said “Attached please find those document about SC300 specification you asked.”  The employee turned out to be a relative of Ren Zhengfei.  One of the co conspirator was arrested in 2012  at Chicago O’Hare  with a one way ticket to Beijing and caught bringing out more  than 1000 documents including Motorola’s  trade secrets.

    Chna retaliated against Motorola when it launched an antitrust probe of Motorola’s sale of its network business to Nokia using ‘anti-money laundering, state secrets, any number of things’ reasons.  One week after Motorola dropped its lawsuit against Huawei, the Chinese govt approved the sake to Nokia.

    Huawei also steals tech from individual inventors, and has the chutzpa to turn around and sue the original inventors.  Paul Cheever, a school teacher who records kids music, said his life has been over run by paperwork since he sued Huawei in California last year. He alleges the company stole his song “A Casual Encounter” and pre-loaded into its smartphones for free.  He found out when. on Youtube, people were leaving comments on his song attributing it to Huawei phones. He said “It’s a weird felling having this company take my song and give it away to 100 million people on the devices without my permission.”

    Read the WSJ article  and you will realize, if you haven’t yet, that stealing is in Huawei’s corporate DNA.

  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

    Huawei apologists are  acting like robo callers.  bigging up Huawei tech as if they invented 5G on their  own R&D effort when in fact they are reliant on ARM, Google, Wifi Alliance, SD Association just like everybody else.  Brazenly they also did a lot of IP theft to get to the top. Now that the jig us up, everyone can point put that the Emperor has no clothes  after all.

    Huawei windows drivers acting like malware broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I mean why would a driver file inject code to allow privileged access/backdoor to the Windows process? This  malware-like behavior is how it got detected by the newer Wiindows Defender version 1809. 
    “Microsoft’s researchers  then continued to look at the driver and found another flawed capability: it could map any page of physical memory into a user process. with both read and write permissions. With this, the user process can modify the kernel or anything else, and as such it, too, represents a gaping flaw.”